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Marketing a fitness studio is no easy task for the busy personal training professional. Time = money, however it is very important to find the time to put an effective marketing campaign in place. It is only with these systems in place that any successful personal trainer is able to grow their business. You do not have to be a fitness professional to own a studio, but you do need them to teach the classes available.

Online generic marketing plans are freely available, they work, but they have to be followed through. Marketing needs have to be consistently taken care of in order to generate new business and attract new clients. Finding the time to do this can be a test, but it is still necessary to undertake.

Turn-key solutions are also available for anyone who wants to develop a marketing campaign for their fitness studio. These will assist you to develop budgets and draw up and effective marketing plan. Funds from operations have to be allocated to marketing for the costs involved, and researching the market is just as essential as getting your advertising out into the marketplace. Research is the only way to inform your self of changing market trends and these have a huge impact in any industry.

The location of your studio, as well as the services it offers are both very important to the kind of clientele you attract. You have to let them know that it is safe and secure to attend classes and that public transport is available if need be. The convenience of a fitness studio is very important to many people.

Pricing is vital and you have to determine a pricing structure that is within industry norms. The best way to go about this is by obtaining the pricing structure of your competitors. Yes, you do have to operate you business at a profit, but you also don’t want to price yourself out of the market, as this is counter-productive. You will also be required to carefully monitor any costs associated with your business. Changing market trends can affect these as well as your bottom line.

You will have to develop a promotional strategy that will effectively promote your business to your target market. It must also obviously fit in with the budget you have allocated for it. Various types of media may be used including advertising in newspapers or on the radio. Go with local radio stations to achieve cost effective marketing goals. Don’t ever point a big gun at a small target. You can also make use of media such as flyers, business cards and printed t-shirts. All your promotional material must bear the location of your fitness studio and the services it offers, as well as pricing.

Finance is often required when you start a business, if you intend to approach a financial institution for assistance, then the strength of your marketing plan will be tested. Based on this plan, a financier will know if you have a strong strategy in place to achieve success. The correct marketing strategy has been known to either make or break a business.


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