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Every person in the world wants to improve specific qualities about themselves. This one universal truth that binds all of us no matter what language we speak or culture we derive from. Self improvement through physical training is a lifestyle that can certainly stand the test of time if you know what you are doing.

The first thing anyone who wants to improve their self needs to do is to properly plan then execute short term goals. For example, just starting to train is an outstanding way to start. You know as well as I know, once you start, its not hard to keep going. It is the actual starting point that is hardest.

What are other popular short term goals?

1. Lower blood pressure and LDL Cholesterol levels.
2. Lower heart rate and improve cardio fitness.
3. Lose weight and burn fat
4. Build muscle and tone the entire body
5. Fit into clothes you want to wear
6. Look good on the beach or in pictures

Those are outstanding goals that happen to be the most popular among people who want to improve themselves through physical means. Physical training is for everyone and this includes men, women, and children. It is the understanding of how to train that confuses most people. It is because of the lack of general fundamental training information that brings me to you today.

How does someone start a home training program?

You can start anywhere you have space to jog in place. You see, every workout must begin with a warm up phase. This serves as injury prevention so that your body is ready for anything sudden and unexpected. It also serves to lubricate joints and allow muscles to stretch safely without tearing.

What if I skip warm up exercises?

People that skip warm up exercises in their training are risking serious injury. Other good warm up exercises are jumping jacks, jogging anywhere, and walking briskly. A general rule, is to use this warm up for fifteen minutes at the start of every workout; its great for cardio respiratory endurance, fat loss, and burning excess calories.

The warm up is done, now what do I do for training?

People that are new to training should learn to master their own bodyweight through different movements. These are often the most challenging movements because they require coordination, balance, and a degree of mental toughness. Prime examples of bodyweight movements are;

1. Sit-ups or Leg lifts
2. Push-ups or Modified Push-ups
3. Pull-ups or Flexed arm hangs
4. Traveling lunges or bodyweight squats

Your primary concern is to start with one exercise and do it perfectly for as long as you can. Once you can no longer execute a particular exercise, move on to the next exercise. This is called circuit training and is an excellent method of lifetime fitness. You can do workouts like this every single day for the rest of your life. This portion of the training will take you approximately five to ten minutes.

After the bodyweight training, then what do I do?

After you finish your four core exercises, it is time to cool your body down. I advise you take a walk, start briskly, and gradually slow yourself down to a slow walk. You can do this in place if you need to.

This process of a cool down will take about ten to fifteen minutes. In addition to serving as injury prevention, this cool down exercise allows your heart rate to slowly climb down and naturally adjust your body out of exercise.

Where can I do this training?

You can do this training anywhere you want, whenever you want, and in your own space. Being independent is a key thing in life and in training. Always make sure to take your time with exercises, keep everything smooth, and stop all movements once the form is no longer perfect. Remember this is lifetime fitness!


Source by Dave Lemanczyk

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