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Life in Motion – Review of the Precor EFX 546


Precor is one of the top names in the world of commercial exercise equipment. Precor fitness equipment is built to resist the wear and tear of frequent use. While the machines are built to last, they also feature enhanced features to provide an effective workout. It should come as no surprise that Precor elliptical exercise equipment is held to the same standard of excellence.

Intended for commercial use, the Precor EFX 546 usually sells for around $5,000 when purchased brand new. Although the price is a bit high, you are getting a very high end elliptical exercise machine. For those consumers that would like to experience the Precor workout but can not afford this model, the Precor EFX 546 is available in remanufactured versions. The key to purchasing one of these is finding a reputable reseller.

Consumers can find a slew of reviews on these machines. One of the most common advantages that user’s rave about it the machines durability. This elliptical machine is quite bulky in design and remains grounded where ever it is placed. While the machine is quite bulky, Precor designed the machine to be “mover friendly”. Therefore although it is large in stature, it is designed to fit easily thru standard doorways, etc.

One downfall of the Precor EFX 546 model is the lack of upper body movement. This machine is built to work your lower body only. This is a major downfall when this machine is compared to other machines in its price range. While most users desire a full body workout, the Precor EFX 546 remains a great option in elliptical exercise equipment.

The Precor EFX supports a low impact workout by providing a smooth workout. This is a major advantage as it decreases your chance for injury. The Precor EFX also features an adjustable cross ramp. This machine features a wide range and as result will work for a consumer of many heights, including those 6 feet and over.
Although this machine has one major weakness, it still ranks as one of the best elliptical exercise machines on the market.


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