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Kids Fitness Activities – Make Exercise Fun and Effective


Kids Fitness Activities – Make Exercise Fun and Effective

The key to ensuring that your child participates in regular exercise is to make it fun and enjoyable. If your child feels as though it is a chore, or that they are being coerced into doing something, then they will run the opposite way. However, if you take the time to develop some kids fitness activities that are actually fun to do, then you will soon find that they will be asking to exercise. Below you will find some of fun activities that you can share with your children.

Play an Active Game

If your children already like to play board games, then why not interest them in an active one? Games such as twister are wonderful for getting kids up and moving. To make the activity even more enticing, offer to do it with your children. Kids of all age like to have their parents join in the fun every once in a while.

Pool Noodle Limbo

Drag your kids off the couch, and subject them to a fun game of pool noodle limbo. All you need is a pool noodle, the kind that floats in the water and some crazy limbo music if you can get your hands on some. Have two people hold the noodle while the others try to limbo underneath. Whoever can go the lowest wins, and gets first choice at the homemade popsicles?

Musical Chairs

This is an old time favorite, but also a great way to get your kids up and moving around. To play, you just need several chairs or hula hoops set next to each other. When the music starts, the kids walk around the hoops or chairs in a big circle. As the music stops, they all jump into a hoop or chair as quick as they can. The one left without a chair is sent to the cheering section, and a chair is taken away before the next round.

Different Types of Tag

Almost everyone has played tag at one point or another. If you have not introduced your kids to this wonderful game, then now is the perfect time. This is one of the most fun kids fitness activities there are. All that kids have to do is choose someone to be it, and then that person runs around tagging the others. When they are caught they have to freeze until a teammate comes and untags them. To put a fun twist on the game, give kids flashlights, and let them play tag in the dark.

There are a wide variety of kids fitness activities that can be done in a fun way. Children will be more open to exercise if they don’t even know that they are doing it. By introducing a child to fun activities and games, you are allowing them the chance to get active without making it feel like a chore or something that they have to do. If you do this correctly, then your children will be asking you to exercise in no time.


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