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Information about Garmin Echo fish finder


Garmin is the global leader in satellite navigation.The Fish lovers must have the Garmin echo 100 because the quality and value are very high when compare to other fish finders.The price of Garmin echo 100 will come under your budget with a lot of wonderful features and the weight is very light and easy to carry anywhere. The display is a four inch gray scale used to identify how many fish are there in a particular area and uses the HD-ID tracking technology. The device is easy to install and operate. Now we are going to see some of the features, how to handle Garmin echo 100, what you will find inside the box, the pros and cons of Garmin echo 100.

How to handle Garmin Echo 100:

A manual documentation will be provided while purchasing the device so it is simple and easy to install.


*It uses the HD-ID target tracking technology.

*It is particularly designed for smaller boats.

*It used to transmit power at 100watts.

*The display is a four inch gray scale

*It is used to scan a depth of up to 600 feet for freshwater lakes and 300 feet for salt water.

*Got a 60 degree beam width.

*Got an audible alarm.

*Got a water temperature sensor.

*Got a fast screen updates.

 What you will find inside the box:

*A Garmin echo 100

*A small power cable


*A release mount with tilt and swivel

*A Transducer with the mounting bracket, hardware and trolling motor clamp

 Pros of Garmin echo 100:

*Has an audible alarm.

*can be used by both experienced and amateur fishermen.

*used to display the fish targets with ultrascoll.

*Frequency of 200 kHz.

*Water temperature sensor is available.

*For single beam, Cone angle is 60º.

*Great value for money.

 Cons of Garmin echo 100:

*There is no dual beam.

*There is no dual frequency.

*The warranty period is one year only.

*The water temperature log and graph are not available.

*Water speed cannot be displayed

*The battery voltage is not directly displayed on the unit.


The Garmin Echo 100 Fish finder has some great features and one of the simple and easy methods to find fish. The Garmin Echo 100 Fish finder can be used by both experienced and amateur fishermen and received a good rating on Amazon.com. If you want to catch more fish than your friends then Garmin Echo 100 Fish finder is a best choice for you.It os one of the best product to purchase.




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