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How to Select Baby Jog Strollers for Fitness Minded Parents


Baby jog strollers are a big hit with moms and dads that are fitness enthusiast. Two very important reasons that baby jog strollers are such a big hit is parents do not need to be concerned with arranging for child care, nor do they need to sacrifice time spent with their child in-order to get back into a fitness routine.

Listed below are some basic but very important items for you to consider when evaluating baby jog strollers:

How many children is the stroller for?

  • Even if you only have one child some parents purchase a double stroller and use one side for transporting extra baby supply items.
  • Triple baby jog strollers for avid joggers need to be fixed wheel. For the occasional jogger, consider a swivel wheel. Triple strollers are difficult to maneuver in tight spaces, store and transport. Baby jog strollers of this size need to mainly be operated in areas with a lot of space such as outdoor trails and shopping malls.

Did you consider adequate storage space requirements?

  • Ensure the stroller offers storage space with easy access to your baby care and personal items.

Does the baby seat recline?

  • Partially reclining seats offer comfort for the baby in a resting position and minimize head bobbing.
  • Fully reclining seats allow for newborns to lay flat.
  • Whether you select a partially reclining seat or a fully reclining seat a newborn’s head should always be supported.

What type of terrain will you mainly be traveling?

  • Fixed Front Wheel-For runners, trainers and joggers on pavement, sandy beaches or rough terrain.
  • Swivel Wheel-For light joggers and walkers on smoother surfaces. Swivel wheels are designed to make turning easier and quicker. Some swivel wheel strollers have a swivel lockout feature. If you are a heavy runner the swivel feature is not one you should consider.

Is the stroller you plan to purchase going to be used solely by mom or will dad use the stroller too?

  • Adjustable Handlebar-If the stroller is for both mom and dad you should consider a stroller with an adjustable handle that can be adjusted to accommodate people of various heights.
  • Not as much of a concern as it once was but it is one that you should be aware exist. Some fixed wheel baby jog strollers equipped with an adjustable handle did not endure the rigors of jogging like baby jog strollers with a stationary handle bar. This was mainly the result of the constant downward pressure required to turn fixed wheel baby jog strollers. Most manufactures claim they have corrected this concern with an engineering redesign.

How do I determine my ergonomically correct stroller handle height?

  • While standing up straight, bend your elbows and ensure your forearms are parallel to the ground.
  • Have someone take a measurement from your arm to the bottom of the ground or floor; this is your ergonomically correct handle bar height. If you roller blade, take a measurement from the sole of the skate to the ground surface and add that to the initial measurement to compensate for the increase in height.

How often will the stroller be transported?

  • Most strollers are easy to collapse; however, they are not all easy to transport. The weight alone of triple baby jog strollers make them very difficult to transport. Baby jog strollers with tall wheels may need to be removed to transport them in a vehicle.

Reversible handle bars-If you feel more comfortable being able to observe your child at all times there are manufactures that offer baby jog strollers that allow for the handle bar to be reversed enabling the parent to be face-to-face with the child.

It is extremely important to ensure your child is physically capable of enduring the physical strains of being transported while engaging in activities while in a baby jog stroller. Consult your child’s pediatrician before engaging in any activities transporting your newborn in a stroller.


Source by Susan A. Richards

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