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How to Exercise For Surfing Fitness!


Surfing is a fantastic sport and is the most wonderful way to spend time in the ocean. It’s one of the most enjoyable sports anyone can do no matter your shape, surfing fitness level, physical condition or age. Everyone and anyone can jump on a surfboard and ride the waves to sunset.

However, if you’re not in particularly good shape, you may not have as good a time surfing as you would if you were in better physical condition. So if you’re not in the best physical condition, it’s a good idea to find out about exercises for surfers, which will make you more fit. This, in turn, is going to make the sport more enjoyable for you, and it’s going to make exercising for surfing more fun, too.

By engaging in a fitness program specifically designed for surfers, you’re going to develop your physique so that your surfing performance is greatly improved. This type of exercise program is going to help you develop functional muscle strength, core strength, and will increase cardiovascular conditioning, too. The program itself is specially designed for surfers, which means there are exercises included in it specific to top-notch surfing performance.

It should be said that whatever the type of exercise you perform, you can improve your surfing. However, some types of programs and exercises will improve your surfing better than others will. For example, a workout that focuses on bodybuilding is going to help you to get started, but it’s not going to be as good for surfing fitness as a program that is specifically designed to target those muscles. If you do engage in an exercise program specifically designed for surfing, the result can be truly amazing. And because of those results, you’ll be a much better surfer when you do actually surf.

What are some of the areas you should investigate and then improve? There are several, but perhaps the most important focus on muscular endurance, cardiovascular conditioning, and core strength. Let’s take a look at each.

Muscular endurance — If you increase your overall muscular endurance, you will have a much better time surfing because you won’t get tired so easily. Instead, you’ll be energized and be able to truly enjoy the sport. One example of muscle conditioning that can help you is when you strengthen your quadriceps. When you strengthen your quadriceps, you can stand on your surfboard for much longer periods of time — and therefore spend a lot more time surfing.

Cardiovascular conditioning — When you condition your cardiovascular system, your lungs, heart and overall system in general will support you so that you don’t get out of breath and can keep going longer on your surfboard. With good cardiovascular conditioning, you can enjoy this sport for much longer periods of time.

Core strength — What does “core” mean? Your core is the center of your body and muscles there, such as abdominal muscles, your thighs, your lower back, and your shoulder region.

If you believe you have to exercise for hours a day to get to the stage where you can really enjoy surfing, you’re wrong. (And if you did that, you wouldn’t have as much time to surf as you would like?) Instead, working on your surfing fitness for just 20 minutes a day, three to four days a week, can get you in the shape you need to be in so that you can surf and truly enjoy doing so. Remember, too, that when you surf you are also exercising, so that once you get in sufficient shape to surf, you’re going to keep that shape and make it even better as you surf. As you do this, then, you’re going to get what’s called a “fitness loop.” This “fitness loop” will help you far beyond being able to simply enjoy surfing. You also improve your wellness and fitness overall, and health will benefit, too. In turn, your overall quality of life is also going to improve.

Remember, again, that the more you can improve your physical conditioning to surf, the more fun you’ll have when you do surf. Surfing will be more fun for you as you continuously develop and enhance your surfing fitness, then you will have the strength, durability and stamina to surf for hours on end. As you do this, you’ll discover that these adventures will benefit you even further. The time you spend on the water, as well, is also going to be the most enjoyable.


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