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Heavy Rope Training – The Basics


If you’re looking for a brutally effective, inexpensive and back-to-basics type of conditioning workout, heavy rope training could be right up your alley. It’s simply a type of workout where you use a thick, heavy rope for various pulls, swings, etc.

Workouts can be performed solo or with a partner. It’s a lot like working with kettlebells, actually: It’s a lot harder than it looks!

ere are a couple of sample workouts for you:

Workout 1: Kettlebell Swings + Rope Whips

The combo of kettlebells and heavy rope training is fantastic. A simple interval/conditioning workout would be to simply do Kettlebell Swings for 30 seconds, rest about 15 seconds, and do rope whips for 30 seconds. To start, shoot for five rounds of this and work your way up – trust me, you’ll be toast!

Workout 2 – Battling Ropes® Tsunami

This is a workout, but it’s also a test. If you want to take the legitimate test, you need to use a 50 foot 2″ rope. You can tie it on to a pole or have a partner hold the other end of the rope.

Use an underhand or overhand grip. You’re simply going to start creating waves and see how long you can maintain that velocity and power. The flow of the waves must stay continuous going into the pole or to where the person securing the rope is standing.

You’ve probably heard about heavy rope training, but don’t know much about it. Now you have a basic overview of exactly what it is and a couple of sample workouts to try.


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