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Exercise is a part of physical activity that is planned, structured, repetitive and purposive in the sense that improvements or maintenance of physical fitness is an objective. All conditioning and many sports activities are considered as exercise because they are generally performed to improve or maintain physical fitness. Household and occupational tasks are usually accomplished with little regard to physical fitness.

For health and safety measure, every individual who would like to undergo rigid training in dance, sports, exercise workout, and recreational activities is advised to measure and evaluate his physical abilities and determine his fitness level.

It is indeed beneficial for a person to submit to a complete fitness testing to determine the baseline for health maintenance and to avoid injuries.

Here are some of the health-related fitness components to test one’s level of fitness.

1.Push-ups. This measures upper body strength, specifically the muscles of the arms, shoulders, chest and back. To perform this, you place your hand on the floor about shoulder width apart with your fingers pointing forward. You extend your legs behind and feet together putting the balance on your toes. You tighten your abdomen, bend your elbows until chest is just a few inches from the ground. Stretch elbow and return to starting position.

2.Curl ups. This evaluates the strength of the abdomen. A partner is needed to hold the feet. To perform this, you lie on your back, with your knees bent, and your feet apart. Raise your trunk bringing your chest close to your knees. Return to the starting position. The shoulder should touch down on the return.

3.Sit and reach. This evaluates flexibility. To perform this, you sit on the floor as you place a tape measure where the zero end is closest you. Spread out your feet about 10 inches apart with the tape measure between legs. Stretch arms upward interlocking the thumbs. You slowly stretch out trunk forward as far as possible, sliding your fingers smoothly along the tape measure. You reach as far as you could.

4.Three minute step test. This generally measures the cardiorespiratory endurance. Use a bench or stair with steps around 35- 40 centimeters high. You step up and down the bench following the rhythm of  UP (R), UP (L), DOWN (R), DOWN (L). Upon the signal “stop”, immediately feel your pulse beat and count for one whole minute.

In performing these exercises, you try to evaluate the level of work your body can accomplish. As you go on with the exercise, you can increase your level of performance as compared to the previous. With these health test exercise, you can determine your baseline of fitness so that you can prevent from over exercising that may lead you to injury.


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