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Get Fit Without Hitting The Gym


For many of us the thought of puffing away on a treadmill in front of trim, fit and toned gym bunnies can keep us firmly stuck to the safety of our sofas. Busy and intimidating gyms can put off even the most determined person and with pricy memberships there is always a valid reason not to go. With the pressure to always look your best, and the medical need to be healthy, there is no avoiding exercise but there are a number of ways it can be achieved without pumping iron in a stuffy gym.

If the expense of the gym is what’s stopping you then an easy solution that won’t break the bank is to utilise your surroundings and go for a walk or jog around your local park. You can combine this activity with a visit to friends or to pick up some shopping from the local super market so you don’t have to feel like you’re taking precious time out of your day to exercise. If you like to work out with gym equipment but don’t have the spare cash to purchase your own then switch the expensive equipment for everyday items, such as cans of beans or bottled water as weights, or make simple changes, like taking the stairs instead of the lift, all of which can all can cut the cost of your weekly workouts.

If you want to look and feel your best but just don’t have the time to visit to the gym why not try and combine exercise with some fun. A game of rounders or football can increase your fitness and your social life all at the same time, what’s more if you’re enjoying yourself it won’t feel like such a chore to workout. If you don’t feel motivated enough to work out on your own then grab a friend and work out an exercise plan with them. Joining a dance class or sporting team can be a fun activity you can both share whilst getting in that all important workout.

If you’re more the indoors type then trying out some of the sport centred games on the Wii Black can help disguise the fact your working out with some great fun and entertainment. Fitness videos are also a popular way to eliminate the need to leave your living room to get the body you want. A wide range of workout videos from martial arts to yoga means there are guaranteed to be workouts to suit everyone, no matter your fitness level, so there is no excuse for putting off your exercise plan till next week.

Whatever way you decide to get fit and healthy there are always alternatives to hitting a busy and intimidating gym. Make this New Year’s resolution happen and be inventive with your fitness and you might just have some fun along the way.


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