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Fitness Marketing – 5 Ways to a Attract Fitness Trainee


Fitness instructors are everywhere and the demands are continuing to grow at a fast rate. As more individuals become aware on the importance of keeping fit and staying healthy, rest assured that the market will continue to grow. Thus, if you are in the midst of launching your first fitness program, you will certainly need to create an effective fitness marketing plan to attract trainee or fitness buff to join you.

The following are 5 surefire fitness marketing to attract health conscious individual to train under you.

1. Email Marketing – If you want to get the attention of many people, email marketing is another option to consider. This is fairly easy to do, since all it takes is a good sales letter to send to as email addresses as possible. The percentage of people checking their emails at least once a day is quite significant.

2. Banners – This is another eye catching gimmick to lure people to your fitness program. It is also an added way to let them know that there is an event coming up. No need to spend for advertisement, when a good old fashioned banner can be as effective.

3. Car Signs/Stickers – Bumper Stickers with a cool designs and interesting words are great fitness marketing scheme. So drive around town with it and even better if you can give out stickers to car owners as well. You can also ask friends, relatives and acquaintances if you can put your sticker on their car.

4. Flyers/Business cards – Hang out at the local sport center and met other people that have the same interest as you. Coaches, trainer, and other gurus that you can tap and exchange business cards are one aspect of fitness marketing. In addition, you can distribute flyers at local sport shop or ask store owners if you can leave your flyers for their customers to read while waiting.

5. Send out newsletter/blogs – Newsletter and blogs can give people ideas on what you are offering. Plus, you can discuss your fitness ideas on your blog to promote your fitness method and whatever you wanted to tell other people that might find your program remarkable. Blogging is now a fad and everyone that spend their time on the internet have one or post daily blogs on their sites or other social networks.

Facebook, Twitter, Digs are some of the social media sites that you can post your ads or invitation, this is now being utilizes by website owners and this could also be a part of your fitness marketing strategy. Be creative and everything is possible.


Source by Steven Hochman

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