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As seen on tv products you will also see a lot of fanciful testimonials from actors who play the roles of past customers of the product. There is also no shortage of photos that show before and after images of how people succeeded in getting fit with the products. And suddenly, it strikes you that you too can achieve the results with those products. The truth is that most of these so-called fitness products make a victim of people who have money but no time for a workout.

The most common fitness equipment ads are those that use Electricity based Muscle Stimulators. You will find people showing off their solid abs in these ads and they usually give an amazing explanation on how the fitness equipment helped them in getting the well toned body, even without a drop of sweat. There are people who believe in these ads and buy fancy equipment that do nothing but burn out electricity rather than fat. There is no scientific proof that muscle stimulators can truly reduce weight and increase strength. In fact, only fitness equipment that makes you workout hard will give you the results. So remember, there is no gain without pain and sweat.

And there are other ads which convince that you can lose fat by simply working out just for five minutes a day. The fact is that there is not fitness equipment on earth that can burn fat in five minutes, except surgical diathermy machines that burn the fat directly through surgery. However, even that will take a lot more than five minutes. So, if you want to get practical results, you should workout with genuine fitness equipment for at least an hour a day.

The most common scam is with the abs equipment; as almost everyone wants the six-pack, there is a big demand for these. No wonders there are so many abs equipment companies that have sprung up to cater to the demand. The truth is that it is impossible to get a six pack without hard work and regular workouts. Also, there is no way to get the six-pack without burning the outer layer of fat on your abs. The only way to get results is through low fat and high protein diet, along with regular cardio exercises.

Next time you see a fitness equipment ad on TV, make sure you ask questions before buying. Although there are fake equipments, we also have genuine ones that truly help to get results. However, such genuine equipments do not promise fancy outcomes. In fact there are some fitness products that really do a great job by helping you to work out on targeted areas of fat buildup.

This article is not about making you believe that all the ads on TV are scams. There are scores of genuine fitness equipment manufacturers who work relentlessly to improve fitness equipment technology. It is all about making the right choice. For your information, some of the popular ads on TV are from manufacturers like Ab Circle, Instyler, Contour Abs, Slendertone, Heeltastic, Total Gym and more. Just select one after checking if it will suit your requirements – and more importantly – do the job.


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