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Fitness Equipment and the Fitness Exercise Progression


You decided what fitness exercise plan to incorporate and the rightfitness equipment to buy from the variety of exercise equipment on show including thetreadmill, rowing machine, exercise bike, cross trainer, andPilate’s machine etc. You decided where the fitness equipment will be stored, (not out of sight and out of mind) the best time to exercise, how long your daily/weekly fitness exercise routine will last for and roughly how many days out of seven you plan to use your exercise equipment.

You know how to safely work the fitness equipment and the right comfortable fitness exercise clothes to wear. You have your music sorted out on your mobile device (or mp3 plug-in on your exercise equipment, if you are fortunate enough) or TV programme ready to start which will keep you focused as your fitness exercise routine begins. Your fitness exercise routine slowly becomes a positive habit and you are in complete harmony with the fitness equipment. Then one day something happens and your exercise equipment, companion and stalwart seem to be a distant friend. What has caused the fitness exercise meltdown? Has the routine changed?  Has the fitness equipment outstayed its welcome? Has the mindset changed? Are you in need of an additional piece of exercise equipment that meets your mindset of today?  Maybe it is a mixture of all the mentioned.

If the fitness exercise routine has changed, what can you do to establish a similar routine? Maybe a positive conditional response has been depleted. Have you outgrown the fitness equipment at this moment in time, E.G. you may have lost weight and got in shape on the treadmill but now you feel the need for a new exercise equipment routine. Maybe a Pilate’s machine is needed to strengthen and lengthen your muscles. The treadmill has done the purpose and may be needed another day or incorporated into the new fitness exercise routine on alternative days. If the mindset has changed, is it because of a motivational procrastination. Do you remember why you decided on a fitness exercise routine in the first place? Does that still apply to you now? Do you remember why you decided on the fitness equipment you chose, does that still apply to you now? If the exercise equipment is broken can you afford to replace it, or are there any alternative options.

There are often many reasons why a person stops their fitness exercise routine and loses harmony with the fitness equipment. It can be anything from slight motivational problem to an exercise equipment overload or a broken leg. No matter what the problem is, it can be solved with a little fitness exercise analysis or fitness equipment replenishment. Go back in time to when you first bought that major piece of exercise equipment and what that motivational mindset was like. Recreate and adapt to the current day and I think you will find that you are still worth the fitness exercise goal and fitness equipment companion.


Source by Alexander Wong

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