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Fitness Ball – 3 Exercises to Make you Stronger


Most fitness ball exercises are designed to reach your hard-to-target muscles, such as those on the lower back or your upper and lower abdominals, which ordinary aerobic exercise might fail to address.

If you combine fitness ball exercises with the proper diet and sleep routines, then you can lose weight easily without having to pay exorbitant gym joining fees. If you perform fitness ball exercises frequently, you can also increase your resistance and endurance, and even improve your balance.

Here are a few fitness ball exercises that you might want to engage in to start your routine.

1. Use the fitness ball to do push ups.

Place your toes or ankles on the ball, lay your hands upon the floor, and spread them so that they are at a greater distance than your shoulders are from each other.

Bend yourself down to the floor through your elbows, then bring yourself back up when your elbows reach a ninety-degree angle. If you have lower back pains, you may want to use your shins or knees to support you on the ball.

2. Use the fitness ball to do lunges.

Place the ball against a wall, then place one foot on it. Straighten this leg, and bend your other leg slightly. Push your body forward in a slow lunge toward the ball, but keep your back straight, and contract your abdominal muscles.

As you find your body bending forward, hold the position and count to ten. Bring yourself back to your original standing position, then shift to the other leg. Do this twelve to fifteen times, and breathe steadily.

3. Do fitness ball exercises with dumbbells.

Use an appropriate dumbbell weight and do not overstrain your arms with excessive weights. Hold one dumbbell in each hand, then lie down with your back on the ball. Keep your head straight and your feet on the floor, but with your knees bent. Raise the dumbbells up, then bring them down back to your chest.

Bring the dumbbells to the sides, then put them back upon your chest. Repeat this exercise twelve to fifteen times. You can also lie down on the ball, this time with your navel on the fitness ball’s apex. Stretch your arms by swinging the dumbbells outward and away from your body.


These are only a few fitness ball exercises that you can engage in. You can consult with your trainer or orthopedist on more exercises that you can add to your routine.

Just be sure to breathe steadily and avoid straining your back, and you can have your desired body and weight in no time.


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