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Exercise Fitness Requires More Than a Great Deal on a Gym Membership


As we come close to yet another new year all those who have decided to finally commit to
regular exercise and stay fit raise your hands. Wow, that is a lot of people!

That’s great! Now, how about a gym membership, that sounds like the way to go right? All
that equipment that works, so many gyms to choose from, Golds, Bally Total Fitness, LA
Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, and the multitude of smaller gyms, means you have everything
available to achieve fitness through exercise.

Tight tone body, great lean strong muscle, a seemingly unending supply of natural non
chemically induced energy, increased health and a positive outlook to go with the new
powerful confident healthy you.

Gym memberships are actually up 23% since 2001 based on a recent report by Smart
Money Magazine and according to the International Health, Raquet and Sportsclub
Association (IHRSA).

Sadly those new year healthy fitness commitments go up in smoke for most people within the
first 90 days according to Alan Marlatt, the director of the Addictive Behaviors Research
Center at the University of Washington.

In fact, gyms count on a drop out rate of at least 20-30% based on Meg Jordan, the editor of
American Fitness magazine.

So what do you do if you want to beat the odds? What do you do if you do not want to be
one of the great majority who will end their healthy fitness commitment within the first 90


You get the Habit Braker On The Go Exercise Support System! 20 different quick play audio
messages, give you the boost you need, right through your cell phone, iPOD, MP3 player, to
stick with your fitness commitment for 30 days, 90 days, and for the rest of your life so you
can finally achieve your fitness dream.

No one has to try to stay motivated on their own to their commitment to get that tone healthy
body and all of the other benefits that regular exercise provides. The statistics prove that
trying to stay motivated on your own is not only unlikely it is a plan set up for failure.

By using your cell phone, iPOD, MP3 player you can avoid the most common pitfall of losing
motivation and get to the new fit you. Everyone can achieve that fit physique with the right
consistent motivation. Now it is easy and convenient to get that needed consistent
motivation. By pushing a button on your cell phone, seconds later you will experience
another day of success towards achieving your fitness goal!

American innovation does it again and through Habit Braker Enterprises Inc the solution to
achieve total fitness through regular exercise has been created. A new age has arrived
where everyone can now finally achieve their healthy fitness dream.


Source by Landa Marsili

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