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Corporate Training – Keeping Employees Fit and Productive


The workplace can be stressful, and too many times employees turn to unhealthy ways to unwind, such as overeating, drinking, or smoking cigarettes. A corporate training program can keep workers motivated, healthy, and fit while boosting productivity levels and overall job satisfaction and at the same time giving a healthy way for employees to unwind. What better way to unite an office team than to offer health benefits that go beyond visits to the doctor? For overworked office members everywhere in the DC area, there are methods of fitness and personal training that can be a great option to decrease stress in the workplace.

A corporate training program is an idea that has long been used in companies abroad. Particularly in Eastern cultures, where it is not unheard of to spend extremely long workdays in the office.  A perfect and natural way to bring employees together by motivation and keeping them on the task at hand is by implementing a corporate training program at work. Studies show that taking simply twenty minutes out of the day for physical fitness can boost endorphin levels and a person’s ability to concentrate which will bring greater satisfaction and stronger work out of the employee. Taking time to focus on physical health goes hand in hand with mental abilities as well.

To implement this type of corporate training, it is helpful to hire an on-site personal trainer to help out employees. If the company is a smaller one, than this might not be necessary, and a group gym membership could be used instead. Group classes offered a few times a week at the workplace are another good option that can be included in this type of package. From yoga to aerobics, group classes will not only unify the work force but also give a tangible method to relax and reduce stress. Engaging in training programs together will strengthen work teams on the job, and cause more successful interactions between coworkers.

Aside from the benefits that an employer will see in his or her own employees, corporate training methods give workers an outlet for exercise that they may not be able to fit into their busy days otherwise. Prolonged computer use can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, back pains, eyestrain, and headaches. There are specific exercises that personal trainers will know about to alleviate these health conditions, and get the workforce back on track for a more comfortable day at the office. Fitness is just as important as relaxation, and with this type of program, both can go hand in hand.


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