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Corporate Fitness – Increasing Morale in the Office


Bringing in a personal trainer to the office environment can do far more than simply boosting the energy and attractiveness levels of employees. While their bodies may become fitter, at the same time morale tends to be increased when coworkers have the option of working out together. This is a health benefit that goes beyond run-of-the-mill doctor’s visits and provides a team-building exercise that will be passed on through word of mouth as a great reason to work there. Corporate Fitness programs are easy enough to set up and the benefits can be seen almost instantly.

From fitness classes to one-on-one personal training sessions, corporate training and fitness is a good way to boost productivity. The classes offer a chance to both unwind from the pressures of the work day as well as share a healthy, social environment with coworkers that extends far beyond the traditional after-work happy hour. Studies show that taking a few minutes out of one’s busy day to practice physical fitness can have a huge effect on mental clarity and ability to concentrate. The endorphins that are released through exercise are also great mood-lifters, in a natural, safe way. This is a far better way to de-stress than by overeating or indulging in alcohol, as many stressed out workers do, particularly in the political field of DC.

Many workplaces will choose to go beyond the program of corporate training and fitness, and bring in a cohesive nutrition plan into the cafeteria as well. By offering up healthy lunches and other food items throughout the day, you are showing your employees that you care about them and their health. Having healthy options in the cafeteria such as soup and fresh salads or grilled vegetables keeps employees on track and ready to give their best to the company. This can be achieved by switching up the menu and offering fresh local ingredients, which is standard practice these days in many corporate environments.

The easiest way to combine all of this corporate nutrition and fitness training together into one neat package is to employ the help of an outside specialist, who can come in and set up a neat infrastructure for the well being of employees within the organization. There are a bevy of services, often offered underneath one roof. One such company is Fresh Start Fitness in the Maryland area, which offers personal and corporate training programs destined to bring together employees and help extend lives long after retirement.


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