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Cleo Q Pelvic Toner Review


The Cleo Q Pelvic Toner is a device designed to treat the problems caused by a weakened pelvic floor. These might include incontinence, vaginal slackness leading to loss of sexual satisfaction and even prolapse.

Using a pelvic toner can, over, time, help to repair the damage which can be as a consequence of childbirth, over-exercising or just aging. By ignoring the signs of a weakening pelvic floor, you may find that wearing expensive incontinence pads simply becomes a way of life.

This Cleo Q Pelvic Toner review takes into account the inherent differences between this and other similar devices. On the face of it, you may find it difficult to choose the most suitable toner for you and it is only right that such a purchase should take careful consideration.

Firstly, most electronic pelvic toners do not come cheap! However, when you compare this cost against how much many women spend on incontinence products, the figures can be staggering. Just simply “living” with the problem of incontinence without doing anything to cure it can cost hundreds of pounds a year.

If you were to use, say 4 pads a day and a pair of disposable incontinence pants each day, this could easily cost you in the region of well over £500 per year (and that’s a conservative estimate). The Cleo Q Pelvic Toner currently costs under £200 and if you are buying it to treat a long-term condition, (which many women are) you are legally entitled to claim the VAT back-that’s a whopping 15%.

The differences between the Cleo and other similar products largely lies in their efficiency. Aesthetically, there are similarities but I believe that this area is not too important. The main concern for most women is,

“Will this device work for me?”

The Cleo Q uses a unique, patented method of pelvic floor treatment which is completely exclusive to Cleo. All electronic pelvic toners work by delivering safe levels of energy into the muscles of the pelvic floor, thus stimulating and working them effortlessly. However, this is where the similarities end.

The CCST (cumulative charge stimulation technology) combined with a unique Bi-Polar Migration System is what sets the Cleo apart. This new delivery method means that tiny pockets of energy are safely and accurately delivered to the muscles and this is over 1000 times more than any other method. What this means is that you can achieve much faster and more robust results. Most women will begin to see subtle changes within just a couple of weeks, with significant improvements in the amount of urine loss and muscle tightness within 6-12 weeks when used as recommended.

Other devices rely on less developed technology which deliver energy to the muscles which simply cannot be absorbed effectively, meaning that much is dissipated without any useful purpose. Customer reviews and testimonials undertaken by Cleo staff indicate that before buying this device, many have already had unsuccessful experiences with other popular pelvic toners.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of this highly effective device, please visit Cleo Q Pelvic Toner Review.


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