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Cardio for Weight Loss

If you have been struggling to get in shape you’ve probably considered cardio for weight loss including cardio classes.

But did you know that cardio for weight loss is the LEAST effective and to get in shape?

The idea behind doing cardio for weight loss is that it burns calories and therefore helps you get in shape. And yes, it works…very slowly.

There are other forms of exercise that burn MUCH more calories and give much faster results than cardio for weight loss.

Let me reveal to you the two most effective ones that I consider my ‘secret weapons’ in my work of fitness coaching for women.

If you are going to do cardio for weight loss, then make sure you do something called interval training. It burns three times the calories in one third the time.

In other words it is NINE times more effective.

I’ve got a great beginner weight loss cardio workout for you that’s proven to work. I want you to try it.

Get on a treadmill and set the speed 2.5mph – 3mph and set a low incline. Walk for 5 minutes – this is warm-up.

Now keep the speed the same, but double the incline. Walk like this for 1 minute. This is you work interval.

Bring the incline back down and walk like this for 2 minutes. This is your rest interval.

1 work interval + 1 rest interval = 1 ROUND

Week 1: do 3 rounds 3 times per week .
Week 2: 4 rounds 3 times per week.
Week 3: 5 rounds 3 times per week.
Week 4: 6 rounds 3 times per week

Cool-down for 5 minutes after each session.

If this is too easy for you, pickup the speed in addition to the incline for your work intervals.

If you do this cardio routine in addition to your Metabolic Resistance Training (sign-up for my newsletter to get it), by week 4 you can lose up to 8 pounds of fat.

My other secret weapon is even more powerful. It is Metabolic Resistance Training.

It’s a form of resistance training I designed specifically for women. The reason it’s extremely effective is that it burns calories during the workout and for 48 hours AFTER the workout.

It elevates your metabolism permanently.

Sure, you can do traditional cardio for weight loss, but if you want results NOW, then I suggest you try interval training and metabolic resistance training.

It’s worked for dozens of women I trained and it will work for you too.

Source by George Grigoryan

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