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Bodylastics Fitness Bands – Complete Guide To Selecting A Home Gym


It could be that, you may have recently been hoping to buy a home gym or enroll in a Fitness Center. But, have stopped short due to their high cost. In that case you need to read the next few paragraphs and find a low-cost substitute for the expensive, well-known home gyms.

The good news is, there’s a pretty low-cost and effective replacement for expensive weight equipment that provides an entire fitness work out. It’s named, Fitness Bands, and they can be purchased for less than the price of a month’s membership to a health club.

Not merely is the buying price of this product for complete body conditioning considerably less, but, the cost savings really increase dramatically if you think about the time saved in addition to the gas not wasted by travelling to some fitness center. Simplicity of use, functionality, price and effectiveness help to make Fitness Bands a practical option for the home exercise session.

In researching this article, I discovered that fitness bands have some serious advantages over the well advertised home gyms such as Bowflex, Soloflex, Total Gym, Tower 200 etc. While fitness-machine products will effectively work your muscles, they have do have some drawbacks for the cost-conscious consumer.

Let us look into some of the very popular home gyms that you can buy:

Bowflex —

Among the more effective Bowflex models currently being offered for sale is the Bowflex Ultimate 2 Home Gym. Sorry to say, that model sells for less than twenty five hundred us dollars. It does feature three hundred lbs of resistance, a Lat tower system, leg attachment, and a preacher curl attachment.

With this particular home gym they’re saying that you can do in excess of 95 fitness center quality muscle building exercises. This is actually the greatest variety of exercises from any of the Bowflex home gyms aside from the Bowflex Revolution which permits you to perform more than 100 exercises but, it does cost just under $3000.

I don’t know about you, but to me that’s a lot of money!

Total Gym —

The Total Gym relies upon on your own bodyweight and utilizing an incline position to raise the level of resistance. However, you can utilize resistance bands to add more resistance to the system. The price range varies greatly from as little as $1448 to $4695 for their newest product, the Total Gym Power Tower.

By far the most heavily marketed product is the Total Gym XLS. This particular product will give you resistance of up to 59% of your body weight , plus it allows you to perform approximately 80 muscle building exercises.

Bodylastics Fitness Bands —

Bodylastics bands range in price range from a low of $46 up to *$95 (* that’s for theTO Super Strong Man Bodylastics system).

Each of the Bodylastics systems come with lifetime defects extended warranty on their resistance tubing. The strength amount starts at 88 lbs to as much as 254 pounds. Together with the addition of the door anchor and the leg attachments, that is included with the Bodylastics systems, you can do more than 140 health club quality muscle building movements.

An additional good thing about fitness bands is that they don’t require any kind of set up time whatsoever, there’s no need for time-consuming exercise instructions, because they are all set to utilise right out from the box.

In fact, they are going to present you with every single one of the advantages of a high priced gym style circuit training exercise session and once you’re done using them you’ll be able to merely throw them underneath your bed, in to your workdesk drawer, or into the handy carry case that they include.

Every single piece of resistance training equipment incorporates the use of progressive resistance to develop strength, muscular size, and staying power. With regard to free weight or weight-based products the resistance element certainly is the particular weight which you raise or bring down.

With the Bodylastics fitness bands product or any kind of exercise tubes workout, the amount of resistance comes from the tensile power of the tubing. In comparison with free weights fitness bands don’t need the use of gravity. This can be a major advantage, since you require much less space and you can target the muscle groups from many more sides than you could potentially with free weights or hand weights.

To sum up, any and many types of exercise devices will give you fantastic gains. Even so, don’t let the fact that you don’t have a lot of money prevent you from getting in really good physical fitness ( It’s really a sad reality, that the obesity rate in the usa runs as high as 25%.)

Decide right now to get started on an exercise program even if it is anything as simple as doing pushups on a daily basis. If your budget allows it, think of getting some quality exercise tubes.


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