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Treating Backache With Back Pain Exercises


In most of the cases, backaches can be cured through back pain exercises. Exercise increases the blood flow of our body and keeps the muscles and bones healthy. It cuts down on the extra calories that cause flab in our body that results in back pain. These exercises help in strengthening of abdomen muscles, and increase the overall flexibility of our body.

To avoid backache, it is important to keep the other parts of the body – spine, rib, joints, and leg muscles, healthy too. So the exercises that we choose should focus on improving these related parts as well. Our exercise regimen should be a mix of exercises that focuses on each area of the body.

When we talk of back pain exercises, it can be in any form- cycling, jogging, walking, stretching, or simple yoga. These are general types of exercise that help in prevention of back pain, and other kinds of physical ailments. They are important for our overall fitness. Apart from this, swimming is an excellent stretch exercise that keeps our back fit for a long time.

Once we actually start suffering from acute or chronic back pain, then regular exercises like cycling, jogging, and swimming are not enough. In order to cure the excruciating pain in the back, we need to follow a proper and focused exercise regime. The exercises should focus on giving relief to that localized pain which keeps troubling you day and night.

Back pain exercises should be done in consultation with a medical practitioner, or physiotherapist. Only a professional medical practitioner can advise the right exercises that will work for your back pain. Its only a doctor who can decide whether your back can be cured by exercise, or needs some other therapy.

However, once you start doing exercises, you must take care of a few things in order to achieve the right results.

The Must Follow Rules While Exercising:

1. Do exercises in consultation with a professional practitioner.
2. Follow a proper time routine and series of exercises.
3. Start slowly and then gradually increase the frequency and time.
4. Do not over-do any exercise.
5. In case the pain increases after starting the exercise, immediately consult your practitioner.
6. Perform the steps in the right posture, and with the right way of breathing.
7. Never stop exercising suddenly unless the pain increases.
8. Always do warm ups before you start exercising.
9. If there is no improvement in pain within three weeks, consult your doctor.


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