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The Salvation Deception


Much of the pain and hardship Inherent Christians go through trying to have relational experiences with other Christians within the traditional church setting can find at its root this cause. They are actually trying to have relationships with people on an equal standing who are still unregenerate and do not have the grace of God operating in their lives.

Asking an unregenerate or unsaved person to act like a Christian is worse than asking someone with laryngitis to speak up. If a person has not received the divine influence on their heart yet which makes us born again, no amount of trying to live right or act right will result in salvation. They will not have within them the grace to walk in love with others. They will not have within them the peace that can trust God when all hell breaks out against the church.

Church Hoppers

When we served the body of Christ as ministers holding church meetings on the Gold Coast Queensland Australia I found it astounding that Christian churches could lose members sometimes hundreds at a time out of what seemed some whim or fancy taking hold of a person and spreading like wild fire. Time and time again.

How could those who are God ordained to be connected in relationship with others, all of a sudden for no substantial reason other than a surface offense, just up and leave, breaking relationships that were family Koinonia, and treating others with such hatred and even violence at times, critical and destructive as they went and just set up church elsewhere with no care or concern for those who they have left behind? Or those who ran churches so easily reject and force out of relationship people who had poured out their lives for the church serving the church family with all they are have?

Simply because they were not God ordained connections of Koinonia in the first place. They were not family relationships built in God for the purposes of the Kingdom. They were sometimes ill equipped and even totally unregenerate people running from the front line of battle when it breaks out because they do not have within them the ability to do anything but run.

Some who build churches using rejection as a tool to control and manipulate people, are often just part of institutional christianity and these leaders very often are not even saved themselves yet.

God Ordained Connections

Have you ever met someone and almost immediately you know it is like you have been part of this person, and you know deep in your heart you will always love them for the rest of your life no matter what happens. You may go for years (because of circumstances) where you do not see the person again, however, when you do its like you just take up again where you left off. These are the friendships and relationships you were meant to have. These relationships have the potential of divine ordination to become living stones of the building of God and the temple of the Holy Ghost.

The enemy would like to keep you so busy in life with non-essential relational connections often trying to be part of something successful or right, that you miss or do not pay attention to those that are truly important. Hang on I’m getting a little ahead of myself here…….

The Most Important Relationship

The first and most essential relationship you were meant to have and enjoy is that with God Himself. Without this relationship as a very real experiential relationship we are not “saved”, nor are we part of the “Inherent Church” or the “Body of Christ”.

It is such a fundamental part of the whole relational picture and it is quite simply the most fundamental deception that is taking place across the world which can hold people out of experiencing what God has for them in life, while they go merrily along and buy what they think is church life.

Conversations on line with Dr James Boswell of Apostles Today have helped me define some of the types of commitment we can mistake for the salvation experience, and there by enter a deception of thinking someone is saved when in fact they are not. Perpetrating this deception as they duplicate their experience by introducing others to their particular club or brand of what they think is Christianity. Dr Boswell has given words to an expression of heart so well that I will quote James to give you opportunity to ponder what he has expressed.

I quote Dr James Boswell here.

Essentially every problem we have in the church can be traced back to faulty biblical foundations in the lives of those with problems. Yes, I know that everyone thinks that they have laid solid biblical foundations. But my experience is that no one has. Not because they haven’t tried but because they don’t have a complete biblical foundation themselves. Myself included. Recently the Lord revealed to me that I have never successfully laid a complete biblical foundation in anyone. Every foundation I’ve laid has been partial and in some cases ignorant deception. The people I am responsible for oversee the lives of a multitude. We are going back to the very basics and reinstalling a complete biblical foundation.

You probably did not lay the foundation in the people you are ministering to. They came from some other ministry, so you don’t know what their foundations are. They come from all kinds of religious, world or church backgrounds. Their foundations (whether faulty or sound) may have come from TV, books, outside speakers, other pastors, friends or enemies. In most cases a mixture of good and evil. Truth and deception. “

When we talk about commitment from here on in, for salvation to be real, we are talking about commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

People who are running churches today are committed to many things and will perpetrate their own commitment into the lives of those who are following them. People can be committed to a vision or a project or even a group of people, however, not committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Dr James Boswell said people who join a church are

1. Academically committed,

2. Tentatively committed,

3. Conditionally committed,

4. Partially committed or

5.  Irrevocably totally committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and His delegated authority.

Total commitment is evidenced by quick obedience to the instructions of the Holy Spirit. Circumstances, problems, etc have no negative affect on their emotions, attitudes, relationships, or actions. With a true biblical foundation people will act biblically or repent quickly.

You will find that any part of a person’s life that is not totally committed to the Lordship of Jesus has remained under the control of Satan and his demons. Satan then exercises his authority in their lives wherever he wants. In this case into passivity, criticism, condemnation or rejection. People only sin in those areas of their life that are not totally surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus.

In fact, you will eventually find that most of the people that call themselves Christian have never been biblically saved.

Salvation involves the following.

If any one of these is left out the person will always be a problem person in the Church. They may be church members but they are not Kingdom members.

  1. He/She must have Holy Spirit given revelation that he has sinned. That all sins have a penalty of eternal damnation in the lake of fire. Sins are not just forgiven, they must be paid for. Either the sinner must pay the penalty or find an acceptable volunteer to pay their ransom for them. He/She must also have revelation that Jesus Christ is the only sinless person that has ever volunteered to pay their personal ransom.

  2. He/She must biblically repent. That is, he/she must admit that they have sinned and identify exactly what they intend to do to change. He/She must also make an irrevocable commitment to keep this commitment to change.

  3. The only provision the Lord has made for the remission of sin is the sacrificial blood of Jesus. Therefore he/she must appropriate the blood of Jesus as full payment and ransom for their sins.

  4. He/She must make restitution for any thing the Holy Spirit reveals to them that they have harmed, cheated or taken advantage of others.

  5. He/She must totally and irrevocably surrender his/her life to the Lordship of Jesus. Make an irrevocable total commitment to serve Him and only Him.

If any of these steps are left out when attempting to bring someone to salvation you will have at best a partially committed Christian. He/She will be a problem person in the church since a part of his life still belongs to the lordship of satan.

If you or anyone talks him into saying a “sinners prayer” without presenting the truths above they will not be saved. He may be a good church member and have opened their lives to being able to be influenced by God however you will not be sure that they are yet saved.

Note: This will probably create mental struggles for many of you who have been trained with the “say the sinners prayer and you are saved” doctrine .

Following as soon as possible after the above he/she must be baptized in water by immersion and baptized into the Holy Spirit to be empowered and equipt to maintain his/her salvation.

Water baptism by immersion makes available 22 essential provisions for living a successful Christian life and Holy Spirit Baptism makes available 9 fruits of the spirit, gifts of the spirit and personal direction from the Holy Spirit Himself. (power and character) A person must not only learn what these provisions are but also how and when to put them into practice. He must also learn how to recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit and immediately do whatever the Holy Spirit directs.

These are just the very basic requirement for a person to successfully live a Godly life and to become fully equipped to fulfill his/her destiny.

Satan takes advantage of ignorance of the Word, deception, passivity and unrepentant sin.

You don’t have a chance of successfully equipping a person or with making disciples that obey the direction of the Lord and are perfected for their ministry until all these foundations are laid and implemented in your peoples lives.

A standard pulpit ministry and occasional counseling will never complete the task.

I have a lot more to say about this but time does not permit. I hope this helps. Remember if they start wrong without making a total surrender to Lordship of Jesus you will spend the rest of your life trying to get the rest of them into the Kingdom.

Don’t blame the devil for taking advantage of the out of orderness of your people. That is his committed purpose. Remember Jesus removed all his weapons and gave His true sons and daughters authority over satan and his demons. We give satan back his right to abuse us by either intentionally or unintentionally restoring his authority over us by unrepentant sin, ignorance of the Word, deception, or passivity.

Fix the problem by laying a solid biblical foundation and satan will flee from all of you.

Jesus is Lord of All or He is not Lord at all.


Dr James C. Boswell Sr

I guess the real question is one that can only be answered from the depths of our own hearts. In the end each individual will be directly accountable.


Source by Lee Bacon

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