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Tendinitis – How It Causes Pain In Upper Back, Left Shoulder, Or Neck


Upper back pain, left shoulder pain and neck pain are a condition that is common to most Americans and they suffer from this sort of pain from time to time in their life. This pain is sometimes not too severe but could also be unbearable and beyond tolerance sometimes. Reasons for pain in the upper back, left shoulder and neck is often a problem with the shoulder joint. The shoulder joint is very susceptible to injuries like sprains, strains and tears. Because of this injury there can be inflammation of the joints, muscles, ligaments and of the bursa, causing immense discomfort and pain. A shoulder injury can give rise to pain in the upper back, left shoulder and neck region also. The motion of the arm is allowed by the muscles, joints and tendons of the shoulders and any injury to this portion of the body will result in immediate discomfort and difficulty in movement.

Causes of tendinitis

Tendinitis is a the connecting link of the muscles, tissues and bones which is a cord. Inflammation of this cord caused by too much usage of the muscles and any injury that might have occurred results in this kind of pain in the neck and shoulder regions. Upper back pain, pain in the left shoulder and the neck are caused by rotator cuff injuries. The area for the rotator cuff is very small and any inflammation with swelling can be the cause of a lot of discomfort and pain and also the arm that is affected will be weakened.

A change in lifestyle is a preventive measure

Sometimes a change in one’s life style can prevent this sort of a problem with back pain and pain in the neck and shoulder. Of course, accidents cannot be prevented but you could try and lead a healthier life to avoid degenerative diseases and weakening of the muscles. Keeping fit and exercising regularly is one way to strengthen your muscles and avoiding these sort of discomforts and protecting your back and neck and shoulders. You should ensure that you are careful when lifting weights, keep a good posture and do not let stress cause you these sort of problems. In case there is some physical activity that you have to do that causes you discomfort, try and change the way you do it so that it does not cause you unwanted pain.

See a doctor if pain persists

For a persisting pain it is always better to seek medical advice. The doctor will probably do some diagnostic clinical tests and x-rays and scans to evaluate what the problem is. Once he is sure of what is causing the discomfort in the neck, back and shoulders, treatment will be provided. It may be a neurological problem or something to do with the muscles and ligaments.


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