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Surgery for Back Pain


Unless you absolutely need an emergency surgical procedure, surgery for back pain should be the very last solution to look at to get rid of your back problems. If you are suffering from extreme back pain, you should immediately consult with your physician, and only if he recommends it, you should seek surgery for your back pain. People usually do this type of procedure when every other back treatment fails or if the causes of your back problems can only be cured by surgery for back pain

Proven Herniated Disc

Of course there are situation where surgery for back pain is inevitable. One of those cases would be to suffer from a proven herniated disc which is quite painful. The surgical procedure consists in decompressing the nerves in your back relieving you of your pain.

Other conditions requiring surgery for back pain:

– Fracturing your spine
– Dislocating your spine
– Spondylolisthesis (This is when one of your vertebra slips forward under another one)
– If you are suffering from a Neurologic deficit that is a result of a nerve compression.

Even in spite of the most serious conditions that may warrant having to undergo surgery for back pain, statistics report that there is approximately only a one percent chance that you would actually need to resort to surgery for your back pain problems. The major factor that will decide whether you need surgery or not, is the severity of your condition. Is the condition preventing you to perform your day-to-day activities? Will you back problem will get worse if left untreated? All these aspects will be taken into account.

Now days there are many surgeon and experts that are of the view that in the past there as been too much surgery for back pain that where not successful. Many of those surgeries did not help the patient and in some cases even made the condition worse. They are now convince that before performing surgery for back pain, the individuals must be selected carefully and the surgery will be performed only on those that are most suited for this kind of procedure.

There are many types of surgery for back pain, for example there is the surgery for:

– Discs problems
– To stabilize the spine
– To create more space in the spine
– And more

You physician or doctor is the only person qualified to help you determine what is the best surgery for back pain according to your condition.


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