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Slipped Disc and Back Pain


Back pain commonly shows itself in the form of muscle strain, muscle spasm or a slipped disc. The pain can be especially difficult when it involves the lower back.

We can injure our back most often by lifting something in the wrong way. What we lift need not be heavy, though lifting something heavy can strain your back. But even lifting something light using the wrong muscles in your back can cause strain and pain. Actions which cause us to bend in a wrong way or for too long can also cause back problems.

Classic causes of back pain can include working in your garden or shoveling the snow; when done in the wrong way, these activities can cause back problems. The strain we encounter during these activities can cause a disc in the spine to bulge out between the bones and put pressure on the nerves. This is known as a slipped disc.

There are some things you can do to ease this pain in your back. Usually treatment is simple and requires a few days bed rest. You should not overdo bed rest, as more days than needed can weaken your muscles. Hot and cold treatments are also recommended. This is in the form of ice packs or a hot water bottle or heating pad. Which healing method you use is based solely on preference and what works best for you. When doing these treatments you should be sure to use the heat or cold for no more than twenty minutes at a time.

Over the counter (OTC) pain relievers are also recommended.

As your pain begins to diminish you will begin a light exercise program to strengthen the back muscles so that it will not recur. If you know some one who can give you a gentle back massage, that too would help lessen the pain.

Make sure, even when you are ordered to rest in bed that you get up and walk around for a few minutes every couple of hours. This light stretching will be the beginning of strengthening those back muscles without overdoing it. Too much time in bed can do as much harm as good.

One of the recommended ways to ease back pain consists of lying flat on the floor and putting pillows under the knees. This exercise takes some of the weight off your back and is supposed to be very good for you. But if you want to work on improving your back problems, including a slipped disc, rest and anti-inflammatory medications are the standard treatments. Using these methods ninety five percent of all suffers recover quickly from a slipped disc and are able to return to their normal daily activities. The other five percent need further treatments, which may be in the form of steroid shots or in some cases surgery.

he way to ensure that the back pain you have been dealing with does not return can require changes in your lifestyle. If you are overweight, you can put strain on your back; if you lose some weight, you will notice a difference. Posture is important. Good posture puts less strain on back muscles. If you are a back pain sufferer begin posture improvements and you feel less back pain.


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