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Right Side Upper Back Pain – How To Obtain Relief


Back pains can be very aggravating. The soreness may be found in the upper or lower portion of the back. The tenderness found in between the lower back and the neck and where the spinal column connects with the ribs commonly referred to as right side upper back pain. The muscles become worn-out and the ligaments are frayed. The muscle might become taut and rigid. The manifestations vary for each individual. A patient may have muscular contraction. Some might experience twinges in the muscles. Upper body movements can set off the pain in specific spots of the upper back. Neck and shoulder movement or even a touch on the affected parts may activate the right side upper back pain. The pain might even shoot up to the right shoulder blade.

Right side upper back pain is caused by different factors. These may be due to a misalignment or dislocation of rib joints, muscle strain, the joining of a disc or facet to the cervical spine, incorrect posture or referred pains from organ dysfunctions. Severe and razor-sharp pain can be felt in the right side upper back of the body.

Misalignment or dislocation of joints can bring about jagged pain which can be felt even if a person just takes a deep breath. Strained muscles are usually due to excessive repetitive movement, extended use of or heavy demands on the muscles. A throbbing soreness on the other hand can be felt if a patient suffers from right side upper back pain resulting from poor posture. A person who spends an extended period of time doing computer work might encounter this type of problem especially if he has poor posture. Since the movements of a person who constantly work on the computer are repetitive and tedious, the strain is usually on the same set of muscles causing it to overwork thus the persistent pain. Referred pains from some organ dysfunction also produce right side upper back pains or thoracic spine. This is especially true if a patient suffers from disorders in the stomach, spleen, heart, gallstone, and pancreas and so on.

Treatment for right side upper back pain would also vary depending on its cause. The medical practitioner has to identify the root of the right side upper back pain and treat it accordingly. Some medical practitioners may recommend traditional ways of handling the pain such as anti-inflammatory medications, muscle relaxants, ice packs or stretching exercises. Other kinds of strenuous exercises are to be avoided to refrain from causing more damage or strain on the muscles. Chiropractic care can also alleviate the pain by employing methods such as mild pumping or putting moderate pressure on the affected parts thus separating and treating the right side upper back pain. This is also known as the flexion distraction technique.

It is recommended that a patient who suffers from right side upper back pain must consult a competent medical practitioner for a thorough physical examination to determine the exact cause of the problem. Without proper medical care and attention, right side upper back pain might worsen and leave the patient incapacitated.


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