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Pilates And Back Pain


Over 60 percent of us will suffer from back pain at some point of our lives. Back pain can affect anyone regardless of age, sex or occupation. However, most cases of back pain are not serious, but it can still have a major impact on your quality of life.

Pilates has been shown to successfully alleviate lower back pain and increase functional strength. A main component of Pilates is core strength. Core strength comes from an area of torso where the abdominal and back muscles are attached to the spine and pelvis. It’s your trunk, your powerhouse and those muscles are playing very important role to support your spine.

Pilates is safe and low-impact but there is one key thing that you should be aware of – and it is Pilates instructor’s skills and experience in back pain. However, basic Pilates education provides very little information about rehabilitation and how to deal with back pain clients. It is up to the instructors what they study and learn after they become certified. A lack of instructor skill and/or experience might even worsen your back pain and there is also a chance of additional injury. Never go to overcrowded mat Pilates classes with back pain – remember that if Pilates exercises are done incorrectly, it can be damaging too. Choose preferably a studio where you can get one-on-one training. Yes, it’s more expensive, but a good Pilates instructor can really help you and make a big difference.

Choosing a studio and pilates instructor is important for any client, but the most important for those who suffer back pain. You must choose only those Pilates instructors who are specifically trained to work with injuries and lower back pain. The beauty of Pilates is that professional Pilates instructor can do modifications to your exercises to meet your specific needs. Pilates instructor should know how to modify or even eliminate exercises in order to facilitate a positive outcome for people with lower back pain. 

When you take one-on-one classes, Pilates equipment might look a little weird at first, but each piece is developed as a specific tool to help you learn proper body mechanics, instructed by a professional Pilates instructor. Pilates equipments are spring loaded (Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda-chair) and they are designed to provide assistance or resistance, depending on the exercise, to re-educate the body move more efficiently, and improve overall strength.


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