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Lower Back Burning Pain and Sciatica


Have you ever felt a lower back burning pain that seems to travel down your leg? You may have sciatica pain. If you suffer from sciatica, you know that there is something wrong. There are cases of sciatica that do not even present itself with back pain, but others may feel lower back burning pain when they have sciatica.

How long have you been afflicted with symptoms that can include the feeling that your foot is on fire? Do you feel as if you really have tried every medication out there to treat the problem? Has your doctor given you pain meds and muscle relaxants to deal with it all? You may actually grow weary of taking medication for pain in your lower back. It is becoming a more and more common treatment.

The first step to dealing with and alleviating your lower back burning pain is to identify what is causing it. For some people, one wrong step can be all it takes to be in pain, for others, it may be brought on by a more serious injury. There are cases where the back pain is only brought on by performing in an odd way or moving certain body parts at an odd angle. When you can pinpoint a certain thing that brings on the pain, you can actively take steps to refrain from doing those things. You can simply modify your movements and actions to reduce the pain of sciatica.

Muscle Balance

While staying away from certain activities or movements can be enough for some people who wish to avoid lower back burning pain, for others it may not be an option. Avoiding these maneuvers and actions forever is just not a solution. Some may even grow very tired of taking medicines or having to sit still and wait for pain to pass. These people are searching for a permanent solution to their lower back pain and muscle balance therapy is excellent for this.

If any of these frustrating scenarios seem to pertain to you, your lower back pain may actually be the result of your body’s misalignment. You may just have a set of muscles that are stronger than other sets. This imbalance of strength can lead to misalignment as your body compensates for the variance in strength. Your muscles are not balanced and the stronger set of muscles could be forcing your spine out of alignment and this may actually be the cause of the lower back burning pain that is associated with sciatica. You need both sides of your body and all of the muscles that they are made up of to be working together to keep your spine in alignment and keep a balance of strength.

If you can learn how to strengthen both sides of your body simultaneously you may just be able to alleviate and possibly eliminate your lower back burning pain all together. If you just want to keep your shoulders on track and equal in strength or if you want to keep your entire back on track, strong and balanced, you can learn to do it safely and balance your entire body. This will ultimately help you get rid of lower back burning pain without the use of prescription medications.


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