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Lower Back and Kidney Pain


You can get lower back pain from some very simple things. Some of them can be as simple as walking in high heels or maybe you even stretched incorrectly. If you are suffering from a kidney infection, this too can develop into low back pains and become very painful.

Symptoms and Other Signs

If you are suffering from an uncomfortable pain in your mid back or lower back and this pain has been going on for a while, you need to go and see your doctor. This could possibly be the sign of a kidney infection or maybe your back has experienced some other trauma.

If your pain is happening with the following, you can be sure that you are suffering from a kidney infection:

Blood in urine (not always visible) – Burning during urination – Nausea – Fever

So where are your kidney’s located? They are on both sides of your spine, just above your hips. What your doctor will do is press on these area’s to check for tenderness and sensitivity. The pain is going to be localized to this area. It can move up to the waist area if you do have a kidney infection.

A check of the white blood cells in your body, doctors will ask for a urine sample. By testing the white blood cells in your body the doctor can tell if your body is fighting an infection.

Now if you are suffering from lower back pain after you pull a muscle, herniate a spinal disc, or straining your back then you have the answer for the pain. So it will not be from a kidney infection.

Treating a Kidney Infection

Kidney infections are caused by bacteria that gets into the bladder and moves to the kidneys. Those suffering from kidney infections will have many symptoms, including back pain. Kidney infections come in two different forms:

Chronic (long duration of gradual pain) – Acute (short duration but strong pain)

Taking antibiotics is the usual form of treatment for a kidney infection. If you wait and don’t receive treatment for a kidney infection you can end up damaging your kidneys. So make sure if you think you may have a kidney infection, see your doctor right away.

If you have a severe case, you may get a shot of antibiotics from your doctor. You may get pain medication and anti-nausea medicine to be prescribed to deal with some of the other symptoms. The tenderness in the lower back will go away when the infection goes away.

Pain treatment for the lower back

Now if you have a pain from a trauma, this pain is not going to go away as fast as the pain from the infection. Pain brought on by back trauma can be treated by:

Heating pads – Physical therapy – Topical – Oral pain medication

Extensive treatments along with rest are used if the pain was caused by these traumatic events:

Herniated discs – Strains -Overdoing exercise – Stretching – Bending improperly – Back spasms

The difference between low back pain caused by trauma is much different then low back pain caused by a kidney infection, as you now know.

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