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Low Back Pain Exercises To Reduce And Relieve Lower Back Pain


Low back pain is a common health problem around the world and affects one in every adult some time in their lives. Back pain can be mild where some health practitioners recommend exercises to reduce pain such as gentle strengthening exercises to help the patient recover and prevent any further problem with their back pain. Other back pains can be debilitating and would require medical treatment to treat the pain. Understanding and knowing the cause and symptoms can help patients determine if their back pain requires urgent care or simple strengthening exercise that can help ease the pain.

Lower Back Pain Exercises

For patients that have acute episodes of back pain, exercise therapy can help reduce the level of pain especially if done properly and repeatedly. One of the best exercises that can help reduce the pain is a form of physical therapy such as stretching. The patient will usually undergo proper stretching techniques to stretch the muscles, helping to reduce the soreness, atrophy or shrinking of the muscle and maintain the patient's range of motion. Examples of stretching exercises include wall squats, heel raises, leg raises, single knee to chest stretch or hamstring stretches. These stretches can be easily done at home or with the guidance of a therapist.

For some patients, the use of stabilization equipment can help them improve their lumbar muscles. In this type of session, patients are trained to maintain a neutral position for their spine. This would help strengthen the back and heal any strains or ligaments that were injured. During the session, patients will use exercise equipment such as stability ball or other machines that would help improve their balance and boost support to their spine area. The therapy session should only be connected with a licensed physical therapist as each session is unique to the patient's need (s).

Another type of exercise would include strengthening the back or lumbar area of ​​the patient. This is done through strengthening the core muscles or abdominal area of ​​the body as well as the spinal section. Examples of these types of exercises include sit ups, crunches, piriformis stretches and hip flexor stretches. The use of water therapy and lumbar traction are also now becoming popular as alternative treatment for relief of low back pain.

In certain instances, some health practitioners would also recommend the use of over the counter pain medication to help relieve the pain simultaneously with exercise programs so that the patient can recover from the injury. For patients that have chronic pains, consulting a qualified physical therapist or their doctor is highly recommended specifically because they feel sudden fever or chills, unexplained weight loss, bladder or bowel incontinence and leg weaknesses.


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