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Low Back Pain…. cure of


Low Back Pain….  cure of

Low Back Pain can occur to computer surfers who spend long hours at a same position, bike riders, where the bike does not have enough shock absorbers, and others who normally are into routine type of work. Backbone and the Spinal chord are very important parts of the body, which manages the entire structure. Keeping them healthy is very important. Low back pain be overcome by following certain simple exercises. Computers surfers can follow workplace workouts to avoid back pain and stress. The below simple techniques will help get relief from low back pain. You can follow these methods carefully and apply them very slowly. Remember to always feel relaxed and comfortable before you start any exercise. Mind plays a vital role in any exercise to show effect on you.

Alternate Arm Leg Extension Exercise
a) Face floor on hands and knees.
b) Raise left arm and right leg. Do not arch neck.
c) Hold for 10 seconds and release.
d) Raise right arm and left leg. Do not arch neck.
e) Hold for 10 seconds and release

Alternate Leg Extension
a) Lie on your stomach with your arms folded uneder your chin.
b) Slowly lift one leg – not too high – without bending it, while keeping your pelvis flat on the floor.
c) Slowly lower your leg and repeat with the other leg.

Trunk Flexion Stretch
a) On hands and knees, tuck in chin and arch back.
b) Slowly sit back on heels, letting shoulders drop towards floor.
c) Hold for 45 to 60 Seconds

Pelvic Tilt Exercise
a) Lie on back with knees bent, feel flat on floor, and arms at sides
b) Flatten small of back against floor. (Hips will tilt upward)
c) Hold for 10 to 15 seconds and release. Gradually increase your holding time to 60 seconds

Curl Up Exercise
a) Lie on the floor on back.
b) Keeping arms folded across chest, tilt pelvis to flatten back. Tuck chin into chest.
c) Tighten abdominal muscles while raising head and shoulders from floor
d) Hold for 10 seconds and release
e) Repeat 10 to 15 times. Gradually increase your repetitions

Double Knee-To-Chest Stretch
a) Lie down on back
b) Pull both knees into chest until you feel a comfortable stretch in lower back.
c) Keep the back relaxed.
d) Hold for 45 to 60 seconds


Source by Dr. Ripudaman Singh

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