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How Will Yoga Poses Eliminate Extreme Back Pain?


I have been experiencing some severe back pain the past several months. It has prevented me from holding my daughter and going out on a run. I have been trying everything I can think of to find some relief. Some people told me to rest my back, while my doctor prescribed pain medication and therapy.

I tried all of these things, but nothing was helping. A friend suggested I try yoga, as she found it to help some of her back pain. I figured it wouldn’t hurt anything – I was already in pain. The first couple times several of the poses hurt, but then I learned which yoga poses would help relieve my pain.

How will the right yoga poses relieve back pain?

– Regular exercise strengthens and stretches the back muscles.

– Yoga is one of the better exercises for taking care of back pain.

– Learn which positions will help back pain, as some will aggravate it.

– Don’t push a pose if you’re experiencing pain.

– Hold the poses for five to ten seconds.

– Make sure you have a comfortable yoga mat.

Those who don’t understand the healing behind yoga would say rest is a better option for a painful back. However, this just makes it weaker and pain won’t be eliminated. It has been found that regular exercise will help relieve back pain because it strengthens the back muscles and stretches the tissues in this area.

In actuality, yoga is one of the better workouts for someone struggling with back pain. It doesn’t have to be high intensity and you can hold positions for as little as possible. This will help the muscles gradually become stronger.

It’s also important to remember that regular yoga will help relieve tension and stress. However, you need to know which yoga poses will relieve pain, as there are several positions that will aggravate the problem. It is suggested to hold the poses for five to ten seconds, but don’t push it if it becomes too painful.

The positions that will help with back pain is the shoulder-stand and the bridge pose. You will also want to try the fish pose. Whatever pose you’re doing, make sure you are using a good yoga mat.

Talk to your instructor if you need other yoga poses. Another place to discover positions is by searching online. Learning how to eliminate pain will help you live life more fully.


Source by Carla Y. Faulkner

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