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How to Sit Properly to Avoid Back Pain


What is the most important aspect in acquiring and maintaining good posture to avoid back pain and general body pain? Believe it or not, it is awareness. Most bad posture habits arise from the fact that the person is not aware of how their body is unaligned or bent, thus, they must be aware that the discomfort they are feeling is due to bad posture and need to teach their body to keep a good alignment all over again.

Awareness comes with repetition and daily attention to how you are sitting, standing or moving. But how do you remember to pay attention to these during the rush of a busy day? Luckily, you do not have to do this by yourself. There are many exercises and back supports to assist you in creating a habit of proper sitting, standing or moving positions.

Although in the beginning it will be hard, eventually your body will learn the trick and feel it as its true nature, until it will automatically align correctly in any situation.

An important part of everyone’s day is spent sitting down. Whether it is eating, reading, working or studying, it is vital to learn how to sit correctly in order to avoid serious and debilitating back pain.

The sitting position should not put strain over the rest of the body; otherwise, it will crush the joints and nerves. Even while sitting, the body must be active, as it is designed for moving.

When a person sits and their body is still, the pelvis is rotated under it, causing excess weight over the tailbone and back of the sacrum. The lumbar curve is rounded and the thoracic region of the spine is curved. The neck is compressed and, along with the shoulders, it is under tension to support the head. Leaning forward is another sure way to damage your back, as pressure will be applied to the supporting arms, shoulders, neck and lower back. A collapsed posture shuts the body down to circulation and energy.

Contrary to this, when a person sits and keeps their body active, every bone, joint and nerve is supported and aligned for correct weight and support. The way to sit is with the weight balanced between the pelvic bones, side-to-side and front to back, allowing for lots of movement capability. This stable position permits for the spine to be lifted up, turning it into a strong supporting structure. The head is aligned over the shoulders, and these, along with the neck and spine, all the way down to the pelvis, hold its weight effortlessly. Now, even while sitting, the body is active and engaged.

Sitting properly is a habit everyone must acquire, as it directly impacts the person’s quality of life. Immediately, good posture will increase the body’s energy, motion capability, muscular structure and general body’s functioning, positively impacting health and mood.

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