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How to Deal With Back Pain Lower Right Side Irritation


Back Pain Lower Right side is a place to focus. You see, back pain is so irritating that you sometimes cannot sit, lie down or even concentrate on music and television shows.

Back pain is one of the worst pain faced by mankind. Usually back pain is associated with the aging but back pain on lower right side may be experienced by younger people too. Since it is a common complaint doctors and patients are not keen for detail study of exact cause of this pain.

Most common reason of the back pain lower right side is poor posture. Our body is supported by our spine. When we are standing 60% body weight is from the upper body which is supported by lower back. When we move, bend, twist or turn our body the muscles and bones at the lower side of spine are working.

A good posture while sitting, standing and lifting the objects from floor is essential thing which gives strength to the spine. You could not observe your posture every time, but you have to follow some basic rules. The improvement in posture will take some time, but it will help you in solving your back pain lower right side.

If the back pain lower right side is due to the injury, it will be reduced with the help of exercises. For this some simple stretching exercises are recommended. Exercise is also beneficial for balancing muscles. Proper balance in various muscles may reduce the possibility of back pain lower right side.

If you try to pick up the excessive weight you may face back pain at lower right side. Obesity is a cause of back pain lower right side. The only solution is to shed off the extra weight.

Though the problem of back pain lower right side is a common one, the causes are different and very specific with every individual. The detail study of exact cause of pain will prove helpful rather than trial and error method of treatment. Every one’s life style is different and hence the treatment of back pain lower right side is also different for every one. You should not blindly follow the treatment given to any other person only because he got rid of the problem.

If your back pain is serious you may have to consult the orthopedic surgeon. He will be helpful as he can advise medicines as well as exercises. Sometimes it takes longer time for exact diagnosis, but it is worth to spend it instead of discontinuing the treatment.

Back Pain at lower right side may be happening because of kidney problems. Kidney infection and kidney stone may lead to pain in kidney, which is always misunderstood as back pain lower right side. This pain will be reduced once the infection is healed.
The kidney infection can be known by the tests like urine culture.

Treatment may vary from simple stretching exercises to the massage therapy and acupuncture therapy. In any case the daily activity should be continued because it helps to speed up the recovery.


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