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Heavy Hand Bags and Back Pains


So have you noticed a fashion trend lately?

No, we’re not talking about shoes or hair styles; the discussion is on accessories–specifically, hand bags.

They’re getting bigger and bigger.

Is that causing women to suffer more aches and pains?

When we’re talking fashion, usually we’re talking about high heels and how they’re bad for the feet and the posture; but this is a lot like the issue of backpacks–what you’re carrying in your dior could be putting too much strain on your back and spine.

Still, it’s not hard to find folks who are sore from all that schlepping.

“My shoulder hurts a lot at the end of the day,” says Rosa.

Celia adds, “All the time, right now my left shoulder is killing me, I think over stuffing the bags, you don’t know if you should bring two small ones or one large one and no matter how you work it you put to much in them.”

Experts say those over-sized bags may leave you with back, neck and shoulder pain, even headaches and maybe even arthritis.

Dr. Andrew Casden, Associate Director of the Spine Institute at Beth Israel Medical Center, says, “Some people may notice some numbness or tingling of their hand,//there are some important nerves that go down the arm that are located near the shoulder region that get irritated by a heavy bag.”

If your purse is uncomfortable when you put it on, if you can feel it pulling on your shoulder, it may be time to downsize your bag.

“Ten to fifteen pounds begins to be a lot of strain on their back,” says Dr. Casden. Still he says the pain is temporary; the back will heal.

“These structures are strong, they are resistant and although they may have variations in their shape I don’t think carrying a bag is going to cause any permanent change in their posture,” says Dr. Casden.

According to the American Chiropractic Association, carry only the items that are required for each particular day.

But whose to say what’s required?

“I’m carrying a video camera, shoes because I am going to do the sneaker thing, and of course the purse has the wallet, the lipstick, the notebook, all that kind of stuff,” says Jennifer Androvic.

Now, you can always carry something with wheels; or you can carry a backpack.

“But it is not fashionable to wear backpacks at least not for us girls, guys can pull it off, but I am a little concerned,” says Jennifer.

Don’t be.

“All the fashions will change and they will probably get small again,” says Dr. Casden.

Avoid a heavy bag worn over one shoulder.

If you must use a bag or briefcase with a single strap, make sure the strap is padded and wide.

The ACA suggests wearing a strap that is long enough to place over the head resting on the opposite side of the bag or briefcase.

This can help to distribute the weight more evenly.

Also, try to put the bulk of the purse toward the center of the body, perhaps in front of the body. The strap should rest close to the neck.


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