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Get Relief From a Tight Jaw (TMJ) That Causes Headaches, Migraines and Back Pain


Jaw disorders can create health problems that don’t appear to be in any way connected in the body. The jaw, or TMJ has a great influence over the body’s skeletal, muscular, nervous, and energy meridian systems. Since we are energetic beings, an imbalance in energy flow can affect our physical health. If the flow of energy through the jaw is blocked, it can result in dehydration, pain and disease. By treating the TMJ and surrounding muscles, the cranial muscles can loosen and realign so they can reset to their correct position. Even a small amount of tension in the jaw can cause other problems in the body. The longer the tension exists in the jaw, the more complex the problems can become. For this reason I suggest you conduct this jaw alignment system regularly.

Toxins can also accumulate in the energy meridians that run from the head area. This also causes pain along the meridians, which include neck, jaw, head, legs and arms. Heavy metals such as mercury are commonly found in jaw muscles or joints. This is more likely if there are amalgam fillings in the mouth. A tight jaw also affects the assimilation of magnesium which is essential for keeping the body relaxed, along with a host of other critical health benefits.

TMJ disorders can affect the hormones since one of the master glands called the pituitary gland sits in the sphenoid bone which is integrated into every other cranial bone except for two of the facial bones.

The sphenoid bone is the ‘hanger’ from which the skeletal system aligns. The state of the sphenoid can be affected by the fan shaped muscle called the temporalis muscle that tightens up in our body’s fight or flight defence system. The temporalis muscles can store deep seated, subconscious emotions which are often released while sending energy to this area.

Trigeminal Nerve is one of the largest cranial nerves called the Trigeminal nerve is also impacted by TMJ disorders. You will know if you feel sudden, severe, electric shock-like, stabbing pain typically on one side of the jaw or cheek. This is often referred to as neuralgia.

The Jaw And Energy

• Meridians are channels through which energy flows throughout our body. The body contains fourteen main energy meridians that contain a free-flowing, colourless, non-cellular liquid. These meridian channels have been mapped and measured using modern technology.

• I have found that TMJ disorders directly affect six main energy meridians in the body as they travel in the vicinity of the jaw. The meridians directly affected are stomach, small intestine, triple warmer or adrenals, gall bladder, large intestine and bladder.

• Most of these meridians relate to digestion functions. You may have experienced this when you have been stressed. Your food does not digest properly or you just don’t feel like eating. This is because when you are stressed, your jaw tightens and if affects the flow of energy – particularly the stomach meridian as it begins on the cheek area of the face, runs over the stomach and ends at the feet.

Healing correction. You can do this healing correction on yourself or another person. You get better results when there are two people doing it.

1. Position yourself at the head of the client

2. Place your flat hands over the client’s temporalis muscle (temple area) for 1 minute.

3. Then place your flat hands over the masseter muscle (cheek area) for 1 minute.

4. Then place your fingers together and place them over the TMJ area (next to ear area) for 1 minute (times are approximation only).


Source by Marisa Russo

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