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Effortless back stretching exercises for relieving Lower back pain


Slouched position for sitting, improper body posture add to the aging woes where the hips and back muscles get dysfunctional and cause immense lower pain. Desk jobs are one of the evils behind lower back pains as it alters the posture and the arthritic damage incurred to the muscles over long period becomes permanent. Even though there are several solutions like therapy, rehab or seeing a chiropractor, yoga, aromatherapy but they cost. Besides, these aren’t really at home solutions and one can’t just start acupuncture on their own.

Even experts suggest that people with back complaints should never give up on exercising. Exercising is not a treatment but rather damage control and improves quality of life by enhancing mobility of the body. Lower back pain solutions exercise allows the body to get active which improves the posture. So, the simplest of activity such as walking one’s dog helps.

Take a break

Sitting in the same position for long periods has a detrimental effect overall muscular structure so every 45 minutes, take a 5-10 minutes break and allow the body to stretch. Stretch the arms, legs, back and correct the posture.

Static Back

Lie down with back, leg stretched on the mat and slowly put feet up on the chair. Now, keep the thighs in right angle position and rest the calves on the chair/stool/sofa. Ensure that that stool/sofa is the size of the thighs otherwise it would strain the thighs while exercising. Stretching arms on the floor, to the top of the head will relieve the stress from the lower back joint. 

Static extension

Place hands right under shoulders on the floor and kneel down. Move the knees a few inches away from the hips position and extend the back. This will develop and arch in the back and also correct the posture by properly extending the back to enable the arch.

Rotate the spine

Lie down on the floor and relax (ensure that shoulders are not slouched but straight). Then move to one side and bend knees. Take one arm to the back side and stretch and allow other arm in front of the torso and keep the knees bent, on one side. Staying in this position will help in extending the chest, back and the arms and relieve the strain. Now, move to the other side and repeat.

Active Spine Rotation

While still in the above spinal rotation position, take the knees up in right angle and move to one side. Repeat by taking calves, bent and joined at the knee to either side. One can stretch the arms on either side, horizontally or keep them parallel and straight to the body while moving the knees. This lower back pain solutions exercise will make the spine active and restore the posture.

Repeating these simple exercises every evening after work and morning for a mere 20-25 minutes will save immense pain and stress in the back.


Source by Jasson P Thomas

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