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Do Not Let Back Pain Drag You Down – Use Castor Oil As Relief For Your Sciatic Nerve


There are a lot of medical uses for castor oil. It is used for lymph treatment, hair growth, tumor removal, skin disorders and many other health conditions. But you should know that one of its very important therapeutic uses is in the treatment of sciatica, an excruciating condition that occurs in your sciatic nerve, which stretches from your lower back to your lower limbs.

Sciatica is characterized by radiating pain, numbness and throbbing in your lower back, buttock and lower limbs. It also gives you some difficulty when you sit down or sleep.

Sciatic nerve pain is generally caused by any of the following:

  • Having poor posture
  • Lifting of heavy objects
  • Pressure from a tumor in the sciatic nerve

The oil serves as a natural relief for reducing inflammation of the sciatica. Its primary fatty acid content, ricinoleic acid, brings about anti-inflammatory benefits.

How Castor Oil Is Used for Sciatica

Practitioners of alternative health claim that the oil application gradually helps you eliminate the pain in your sciatic nerve.

There are two simple ways to use the oil on your sciatica:

  • First is through applying the the oil (lukewarm) directly to the affected area. Massaging the oil directly on your back and lower limbs for several minutes on a daily basis will take away the soreness.
  • The second method is through a hot castor oil pack. The procedure involves creating a compress, which is done by applying a small amount of castor oil to a small piece of cotton cloth. Once your compress is ready, carefully place it over your lower back for 20 minutes. It is important to do this procedure several times in the next few hours to produce more visible results.

Regular application of the oil to your sciatic nerve will ensure effective relief.

If you are looking for an uncomplicated and inexpensive way of treating your back pain and your sciatica, then consider including the oil now as part of your therapy or health regimen. With the effectiveness and relative ease of application of the oil, isn’t now the best time to use castor oil?


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