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Cause Of Mid Back Pain And Cure


What Is The Cause Of Mid Back Pain?

How many times have you felt that pain in your back is restricting your movements and even your breathing? How many times have you felt that even after trying all treatments of back pain, your backache seems to never go and trouble you incessantly? If you have, then welcome my dear friend to the world of mid back pain. Many a times, we club the mid portion of our back with the upper portion, but there is a slight demarcating line. The middle area starts from the base of the shoulder blades to the lumber area. The most common cause of backache is the tightening of the diaphragm. When this muscle causes back pain, it is difficult to get rid of the pain by just resting, because it is impossible to give rest to the diaphragm? The only way you can give the muscle some rest is by stopping your breathing for few minutes. The other actions that can cause mid backache are stretching and straining of joints and ribs.

Treating Mid Back Pain

Although, treatment of pain in mid back portion is not difficult, you need to follow a slightly different approach than that followed in a common backache. Here are different ways you can find relief from the excruciating backache:

1. Try and relax the diaphragm through different breathing techniques

2. Try to resolve your problems in the other portions of the back, since any strain or pain in the lower back have a different impact on the mid back.

3. Make sure that your rib and spine movements are correct.

4. Reduce stress on your back.

5. Avoid performing any activity that puts unnecessary strain on your back

6. Relieve yourself with as much stress as possible. The diaphragm is used to breathe in energy and breathe out stress. If your stress levels are too high or energy levels too low, the diaphragm will tighten and cause mid backache.

7. Stretch exercises – You can perform simple stretch exercises and strengthening and joint techniques to relieve the mid portion of pain.

Most of the times, the cause of mid back pain are day-to-day stress, which when coupled with stress activities such as twisting, lifting, or bending, can cause severe backache. At times, the mid backache can worsen to the extent that every upper body movement causes a stab of pain in the region. In times such as these, it is best to take advice of a doctor.


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