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Basic Exercises for Back Pain and Therapeutic Treatment


Patients suffering from low back pain secondary to muscle weakness, postural problems, muscle spasm or other causes can benefit from basic exercises for back pain that can be done at home. These exercises are usually a part of a therapeutic regimen that is designed to strengthen the trunk muscles and promote proper posture.

They are introduced and initially performed during physical therapy sessions which are facilitated by trained physical therapists, doctors or other health professionals. Even individuals who do not have back problems can perform these exercises to strengthen and stretch the trunk muscles as well as to facilitate postural training.

Some basic exercises for back pain that can be done at home include wall slides, pelvic tilting, lifting both legs while lying on the back, bent leg sit ups and partial sit ups. These are exercises which can be done during your spare time and do not require any exercise equipment. You can further research online for other exercises which can be highly beneficial for patients who want strengthen their trunk muscles and relieve pain associated with low back problems.

If you have low back problems associated with slipped disc, degenerative joint disease or muscular dysfunction, it is best to see a doctor prior to initiating any form of exercises for back pain. There are certain trunk movements which may be prohibited in order to prevent worsening of your condition. The best thing you can do is to have your case assessed by a doctor and determine the cause of your back problem.

Appropriate management will be done depending upon the severity of your back problem. Some cases may require physical therapy sessions, exercise training program or even certain PT modalities that can help relieve the tension on your back. Such modalities can help in preparing you for the next phase of your therapy which includes strengthening exercises and postural training.

The most common modalities and PT equipments used in the treatment of low back problems include superficial and deep heating modalities such as ultrasound, infrared radiation and hot moist packs. Other equipments used in the therapy include transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation or TENS and the traction table which is used primarily to apply a traction force to relieve the tension in between the vertebral bodies. Physical therapists also facilitate and introduce exercises for back pain.

The patients are advised to perform these exercises for back pain during therapy sessions as well as at home or during spare time. There are some cases that require restrictions in certain movements such as trunk twisting motion. Patients are taught how to compensate for such limitation in movement through proper postural training (examples; during lifting, sitting down, picking up objects from the floor, etc.). Exercises are usually a part of every therapeutic program for patients suffering from low back problems.


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