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Back Pain Treatment With Homemade Remedies


More than eighty percent of the population all over the world suffers from this ailment of back pain. At times it becomes very unbearable and severe. Lower back is more prone to problems muscle injury in the ligaments that supports the spine. That time it is not always possible to see doctors or even at times it is difficult to find something like acupressure centers or massage center in the proximity. Then such situations are worked or carried forward by conventional or non-conventional home remedies.

Back pain is common problem associated with most individuals now days. It may be any one man, woman, young or old, every one of us has to tolerate back pains at least once in our life.

At times these back pains convert into severe chronic pains, which then require surgery to cure. However but for simple pains there are various cheap and house hold remedies, which can cure back pain. Depending on the degree of pain the back pain can segregated in three different types of aches:

1. Acute back pain: This type of lasts not more than three months. This can be cured at home and this ache is les prone in getting transformed into more serious diseases.
2. Recurrent back pain: This type of back pain has occurrence of acute back pain after fix periods. This type of back pain has many chances of getting transformed in more serious back pain.

3. Chronic back pain: This type of back pain last for more than three months to indefinitely long period.

Home remedies
1. Keep one warm and eat only hot items incase of a chronic back pain.
2. Garlic should be included in diet on regular basis.
3. Tulsi is the best medicine. Boil tulsi in water until the syrup is reduced to half of actual size and add salt after cooling.
4. Massage with eucalyptus and mustard oil is very favorable for severe back aches
5. Half a tea spoon of jaggery is very effective medicine that can be eaten with warm water after meals only.
6. Cardamom with honey shows the best results at times of back ache.
7. Massage with any ointment will be useful
8. Take a cloth or jute bag full of ice. Now start massaging with that back. It helps to reduce the inflammation in the back.
9. Sleeping on firm mattresses facing to the ceiling helps to have proper blood flow and there by reducing the aches.
10. Exercise is the best way to keep fit from all types of ache.


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