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Back Pain Symptoms: Do Not Ignore Them


Back pain symptoms are increasingly seen in todays modern day society. The change in lifestyle has aggravated these back related problems. It is estimated that eight out of ten people today experience back pain. While the elderly are more prone to back problems and the signs more evident, the younger generation is not far behind.

What Causes Back Pain

The reasons for backache are numerous and some even commonly known. Still, many of us have the tendency of taking our backs for granted. While you may pay attention to the other parts of your body, the back remains the most neglected. Maybe the reason lies in the fact that your back is not visible to you.

Strenuous activities like lifting heavy objects and moving with jerky motions, working on ill designed workstations, maintaining poor posture, gaining excess weight, emotional stress, and wearing high heels are among the several reasons that aid in triggering backache. Injury to any part of your spine and degeneration of disc could also be the causes. It
s only when we experience the pain and discomfort do we sit up to do something about it.

Pick On The Symptoms Early

The backache signs are not easy to miss. It may involve any one or more of the following conditions. Pain around the spine and lower back which could either be acute or chronic; radiating ache that begins in the hip and buttocks and continues all the way down the leg, numbness and weakness in other parts of the body, especially the legs and hands, stiffness and tightness in the back, neck, arms and legs largely due to changes in the muscles; and bowel and bladder dysfunction.

If any of the following symptoms occur, contact a doctor immediately:

Pain is worse when you cough or sneeze
Pain or numbness travels down one or both legs
Pain awakens you from sleep
You are finding it difficult to pass urine or have a bowel movement
Pain is accompanied by loss of control of urination or bowel movements

These important signs could signal nerve damage or other serious medical problems. There are many other conditions that could be causing these problems, but an early and accurate diagnosis is vital for successful treatment.

Aim For Prevention

Picking on early backache symptoms is very important for proper treatment to be followed and other rehabilitative measures. Further tests and investigations can help reveal the exact cause and subsequent remedial actions.

The available remedies include medication, exercising and stretching, nutritional supplements, stress reduction techniques, chiropractic manipulation and acupuncture, and surgery.

Take proper care of your back and avoid careless actions and movements. Exercise can also help strengthen your back so that its better equipped to meet the challenges of everyday life. Avoid stress. The best strategy for a healthy life is to prevent these back pain symptoms from appearing in the first place.


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