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Back Pain Remedy – Things You Can Do at Home


Back pain, that sudden shooting pain or that chronic aching that never goes away, is something most of us deal with at one time or another. It sends us running to the doctor to get pain relief in the form of little pills. But no amount of pills will cure or prevent it from coming back; pills just mask the pain for a short period of time.

But what if there was a back pain remedy that could not only relieve the pain but also make it go away for ever? For most people with back troubles there is. It is simply the idea that by better taking care of yourself and your back you can get rid of your pain, which is a constant reminder that something is wrong in the first place. Fixing the problem instead of hiding the symptoms is a much better long term solution.

Your back, along with your stomach muscles, is the central stabilizing force for the whole body. Unfortunately for most people the back is also the weak link when it comes to core strength and sooner or later it succumbs to all the strain that is constantly put on it. It only makes sense that strengthening, stabilizing, and putting less strain on your back is a good idea. With this in mind two things that can help are sleeping on a firm mattress and increasing activity levels as your back gets stronger.

By making small adjustments in the way you do things on a daily basis you can actually begin to remedy the back pain you are suffering from. Here are a few things you can start doing to help make your pain disappear.

• Increase your activity levels and get more exercise. While this may not be prudent to do until your back is healed even minimal activity can help expedite the healing process. Once your back is sufficiently healed it is important to further strengthen both your back and abdominal muscles.

• Lifting and proper posture are two areas where many people put to much strain their back. Nothing can throw out a bad back quicker then picking up something heavy using bad technique. The strongest muscles in the body are the legs and they should be used whenever picking up anything. Good posture is also important because when you slouch while sitting you also put undue strain on your back.

• Purses and book bags – Slinging a heavy load over one shoulder places an uneven weight on the back, placing more stress to one side then the other. Instead of a purse try a fanny pack that takes the weight off the back and balances it evenly on the hips. A book bag should be carried with both straps over the shoulders which evens out the weight.

• A New Mattress – If you suffer from chronic back problem you should be sleeping on a firm mattress. It will provide the necessary support your back needs while you sleep.

• De-stress – Stress raises blood pressure and tightens muscles, both of which can cause back problems. Stress can tighten the muscles all the way from the neck to the lower back. Finding ways to reduce stress are key, including drinking plenty of water which helps to remove many toxins from the body.

These are all things you can do on your own as a back pain remedy. By paying closer attention to the things you do and how they impact your back you can easily relieve and even cure your back pain for the rest of your life.


Source by Andrew Bicknell

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