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Back Pain Relief – How to Adjust Your Own Back


How to adjust your own back is a question that many people have. I know it was a big question of mine. And, I have known many people that wanted to know this as well. It is an especially big question for people with chronic back pain. You might want to know how to relieve mid back pain, or it can be of low back pain that is your concern. It doesn’t matter, if it hurts you want relief. You want it adjusted right away, you don’t want to wait another minute.

A chiropractor can adjust your back for you, but that costs money, and sometimes it hurts. Some chiropractors are better than others, but you won’t know until you shell out your hard earned money to find out. It’s really hard to pay for something that is supposed to give back pain relief, and it ends up causing pain. Sometimes more pain.

Here is one method that can help. It works really well for the middle and upper back pain. It can work lower down on the back, but probably won’t work for the very lowest areas. Sometimes it can work for neck pain.

What you’ll need are two tennis balls and some duct tape. You tape the two balls close together so that they won’t roll away from each other when you lie down on them. Adjust the distance so that they will be just to either side of your spine.

All you need to do is lie down on your back with one ball on either side of your spine where it bothers you. Relax as you lie on the balls so that the muscles release allowing the adjustment to happen. It only takes a few seconds after you relax.

This works because the vertebra tends to rotate out of alignment. Lying on the balls allows the area to release so that the vertebra drops down into alignment. It doesn’t matter which way the vertebra rotated out since the balls are on both sides.

One issue you need to be aware of though is that sometimes there are reasons the back is out of alignment. If you’ve ever gone to a chiropractor and had your back hurting again within a day or two, then you’ve experienced this.


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