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Back Pain in Pregnant Women


Back pain in pregnant women is a very common complaint. In fact, as many as 80% of pregnant women will have back pain at some time during their pregnancy. There are several types of back pain that occur among expectant mothers, but low back pain is the most common. But why does your low back hurt during pregnancy?

As this happens, you back is put under tremendous strain. Your muscles have to work harder, and there is an increase of stress on your joints.   As these dominoes fall, you are more than likely feel at your worse at the end of the day.   As if that’s not enough, your expanding uterus may be pressing on a nerve causing even more pregnancy back pain. Terrible back pain!  

Studies show that the water should not be hotter than 99 degrees, however you can still enjoy a warm, soothing, and calming bath when back pain is really taking its toll on you. The warm water will ease the tension in your back as well as wash any mental anxiety that has crept up during the day.

If you feel any discomforts or you experience any of the following symptoms: vaginal bleeding, pain, lightheadedness, shortness of breath, contractions and vaginal fluid leak, STOP and call your physician immediately.

One of the most effective ways to avoid pregnancy back pain is to lift your belly up. This process helps to support your unborn baby’s weight. It is not required that this is done manually due to the fact that various devices are available that can do it for you and do it more effectively.

An example is the tummy strap which laces under your belly to help you support your baby’s weight and remove or relieve the weight on your lower back. If you can achieve this, then that weight would have been more evenly distributed and your back will get the much needed relieve it desires.

A nursing pillow is also highly recommended while nursing and back pain while be reduced. Not only does this allow the baby to rest on Mom’s lap in a comfortable way, but it takes the baby’s weight off the mother’s body and arms. Sometimes the mother strains to support the baby and this can lead to pain as well. A good nursing pillow, like a Boppy, can be very helpful.

Let’s now see how you can cope with sciatica if you are pregnant so that you experience less pain. The best thing would be for you to sleep on a bed that is firm and nice. A nice and firm bed does wonders for your sciatica pain as it gives plenty of support for your back. Avoid sleeping on your belly as it may cause harm not only to your baby but also your sciatica nerve.

Even if you can’t get to a prenatal yoga class, there are still some postures that you can do on your own. One is the child pose. You kneel on the floor, and then reach out both hands on the floor as far as you can go. Your stomach should fit in between your knees. If it doesn’t, then try spreading your knees a little wider. You want to get your forehead as close to the floor as possible.

A pregnant woman can avoid pregnancy back pain by avoiding standing for longer periods and frequently changing her sitting position. Adequate rest and sleep are also essential for avoiding or eliminating back pain in early pregnancy. A pregnant woman should wear low-heeled shoes with proper arch support to avoid strain on her back. The use of a low stool for resting feet while sitting or standing for long periods can also help in avoiding back pain.


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