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Back Pain During Pregnancy


Pregnant woman who are suffering from back pain especially during her last three months of pregnancy face extreme discomfort. It is a serious matter that should be addressed properly with the help of a gynecologist.

Complete negligence of back pain of a pregnant woman can affect her life, work, imminent confinement and delivery. Some problems may also occur concerning her health and it may occur for a period of time after giving birth.

Back spasms can be due to some physical actions that a pregnant woman might be unaware about which can cause her spine and pelvic to get sprained. Once it happens, it will take some time to correct.

  • Walking and running
  • Navigating steep stairs
  • Bending forward waist down without bending the knees
  • Twisting ones body
  • Rolling in bed
  • Lifting heavy items

These are some of the physical activities that can trigger back pain because of huge amount of body weight being carried by the spine, pelvis and hips. These are the most common reasons for their pelvis and spines to crick, leading to serious back problems.

We must be aware that woman’s body will incur a lot of changes during pregnancy. As a result of these changes, aching of lumbar portion of the spine and the rear portion of the pelvic regions are may take place. These are the reasons why a pregnant woman suffers from back pain.

It is inevitable for a pregnant woman to gain weight during her pregnancy. As pregnant women gains weight, her CG or center of gravity change. Normally, weight is equally distributed to the rear and front portion of the body. But during pregnancy, the front portion is getting heavier than the rear portion which leads to change of the center of gravity. These changes will create stress on the back portion and other load of bearing regions eventually leading to:

  • Muscular exhaustion which may lead to bad postures or enhance existing bad posture.
  • Poor and stiff muscle due to strain on the load bearing regions of the body. Women who already have this problem prior to pregnancy may result to worsening of this problem.
  • Unstable hormone is a common disorder during pregnancy. Relaxin and Estrogen are hormones responsible for loose joints in the pelvic region. This problem when combined with weight gain, muscle fatigue and change of gravity will lead to severe back pain and poor stability.

We must keep in mind that back pain should not be a burden of a pregnant woman. It is not something natural and definitely not a part of pregnancy. It is not a disease either but it is most likely to occur. Taking some precautionary actions will help prevent its occurrence and will let you enjoy your pregnancy, imminent labor and ease of delivery.

Proper physical exercise as per your doctor’s advice will help avoid the situation.


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