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Back Pain Constipation: How to Treat It and Get Instant Relief


Do you think that your back pain is brought on by chronic constipation? Do you consistently strain at the loo? Do you have to keep pushing until the pain gets unbearable? Well, chances are that constipation may be part of the problem.

Research has shown that apart from constipation, there could also be an underlying cause of the pain. In this article we’ll be looking at the relationship between back pain and constipation. I’ll also show you what you can do to not only cure the constipation, but also the back pain and its underlying causes -if any.

Constipation is a common condition that affects millions of people annually. It is a major cause of discomfort and back pain and constipation. This can be rather frustrating, painful and debilitating.

Back pain and constipation are caused by many factors. Chief among the factors is the impaction of feces resulting in an overloaded intestine. When an individual aches in the back and has constipation at the same time, it’s mostly because of the weight and pressure of the overloaded intestine on the lower back. This often occurs among adults because of their eating habits and lifestyle.

Recent estimates and stats have shown that next to cold and flu, most people visit their physicians because they have aches in different parts of the body. While it is normal to develop aches -particularly back aches- after a stressful physical workout or hectic day, back aches can often be as a result of constipation. Other causes of aches in the back could be stress, excessive walking, degenerative, disc disease, stair climbing, bending, heavy lifting and standing for long periods.

If the above mentioned are not a common part of your daily activities and you are constipating, chances are that you are having a bout of back pain and constipation. Straining hard to pass stool can cause an ache in the lower back. This ache happens because the anus is inflamed and because of the stress put on it when trying to defecate.

Kids are also known suffer from these problems. Parents have been known to take their kids to the doctor to help diagnose an ache only to find that the kid is suffering from pain caused by straining the anal sphincter and nerves. When left untreated, it can be so strong that it weakens the individual.

How Do You Know that Your Back Pain is Caused by Constipation?

Look for the following symptoms. If they are present, then you sure have got it.

• Consistent pain which doesn’t ease off even when you’re lying down.

• The pain becomes more intense when you’re trying to poop.

• It doesn’t just remain in the lower back. It extends to the upper region of the back.

• The intensity gradually increases regardless of what pain relief medications you may have taken.

• Loss of appetite and nauseous feeling.

• Numbness and weakness in the legs, buttocks and feet.

• Inability to pass feces and intense pressure on the bladder.

What Can You Do?

They can be treated using various methods. You can opt for pain relievers and laxatives. It is important however to know that pain killers and laxatives or enemas don’t mix. However, a meal consisting of a large bowl of All-Bran combined with a tablespoon of oat bran for breakfast, lots of vegetables, whole meal bread and lots of water can work wonders. Others recommend thyroxine as being very efficient.


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