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Back Pain and Grief


We have all experienced grief in some shape or form, it may a death, a divorce or some form of loss, grief can come to us all and can freeze us.

Freeze us to a point that out bodies lock up with tension creating other issues within us and leading to back pain whether it is in the neck, shoulders, middle or lower back pain. The result is the same. Back Pain.

Of course being in position of grief can be quite traumatic and we all handle it differently. With well intentioned people giving us help and support it can be a difficult time, and can take a long time to ‘heal’. Sometimes years, it depends on who we are and our makeup. We are all different.

Although at the time one will probably feel like doing nothing and start to close down. We go into our shell, a recluse not wanting to face the world only allowing those in who we feel are a support and can help us.

Have you ever noticed that when we are grieving for having lost someone, people come along and say “time will heal” or something along those lines. They really don’t know what to say so say something to help. They ask you how you are and that’s it. What they could say is “What can I do to help?” That’s something positive.

Although they are quite correct, time will heal, but that’s not what you want to here. Our body starts to shut down to protect ourselves from further pain. I know because I went through it, both sets of my parents passed over with in 3 years, my step mother, my mother in law, my dad and then my father in law, it was a tough time.

What helped me and I hope this will help you, is to keep the body mobile with some form of exercise and meditation. It is quite easy to fall into the negative mode of closing down shutting everyone out even those close to you like your spouse.

Do something to open out your heart; back bends are great like the Cobra etc. They get the blood flow going and help to energise the body which at this time is what we need to help counter the negative aspects of grief. Be aware how you carry yourself and do your best to avoid rounding the shoulders as this will aid you closing down which you will want to avoid. Of course we have to go through the process of grieving.

Give yourself time, practice your yoga in the morning it will help you through the day. A little is better than nothing.

I hope you find this useful, until the next time.


Source by Glen Wood

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