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Back and Shoulder Pain – How a 30yr Old Trucker Gets Rid of His Nasty Back and Shoulder Pain!


Jim is a 30 year old trucker from Indiana. The nature of his job warrants him to spend hours upon hours sitting down. This caused Jim to begin experiencing excruciating back and shoulder pain; sometimes for days on end.

He used to say to his brother; “Mike, I cannot take it any longer! One more day of this and I would die.” Yet Jim took it, and took it, and then took it some more…

You see, he had a wife and three lovely kids, plus a grandmother he was looking after and two mortgages already on his house. He could not afford not to go to work. So, day in day out Jim would grit his teeth and try to ignore intense pain that can drive many men insane.

That is when the drug use began. Jim was introduced to over the counter non steroid anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). They worked for Jim but not when he needed it the most. The problem was that he needed them mostly at work, but could not take them because he was driving. So he had to wait to get home before taking the drugs by which time he would have suffered through most of the pain anyways.

This continued for many months until he came across a simple method which fit into his work schedule perfectly; it was as though this method was designed for Jim particularly. Here is how he got temporary relief for his condition:

During the day, Jim would park by the roadside during lunch and hang from the door of his truck (you could use a chin up bar or a tree limb – you do not need to drive a truck like Jim to do this). Doing this he would be allowing gravity to strengthen and stretch his back and spine.

This is due to the fact that Jim had discovered that his pain was basically due to tensed muscle which refuses to relax after a hard days trucking.

After performing this routine, Jim would also stretch his muscle some more by bending down to touch his toes ensuring that his legs were straight (just like he was taught in school). Jim had forgotten how helpful this routine was while in school and had stopped performing it as soon as he got out of school – this made it easy for his pain to occur.

At night when he gets home his wife knows enough now to ensure that his diet incorporates foods that help alleviate the pain like; vegetables, nuts, fibre, fruits, grains, milk, lean meat, fish, and the like.

Finally when it is time for bed, Jim always ensures that he lies on a firm surface and only uses the pillow when sleeping on his side. This helps to ensure that his body alignment is correct and that his posture is good.

As easy as this sounds, you should know that it helped Jim handle his pain in a way that allowed him go through the day without back and shoulder pain.

Recently Jim sent me a note stating that he has completely and permanently eradicated his pain and does not ever experience it any longer. How did he do it? Well, the answer to that question is on the next page – it will amaze you. Follow the instructions below to access this info.

FACT: Most conventional treatments for back pain only work as a temporary band aid solution; they all fail to work in the long run!


Source by Ty Lamai

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