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Wrought Iron Has Many New Uses For Home Decorating


Wrought iron is making quite a comeback in popularity as a home decorating element. Rustic country and cabin interiors have embraced its use for interior fixtures such as wall hooks, curtain rods, candle holders and wine racks. Its use is not limited to these decorating styles; wrought iron actually goes with any decor. It accents french country interiors beautifully and provides touchs of drama to modern decor. When fashioned in delicate designs the look is decidely romantic and it is definitely suited for rooms done in a vintage style.

Wrought iron as it used to be produced is no longer made on a commercial scale. The products that today are referred to as wrought iron are really made from steel. They are still referred to this way because they mimic the appearance of original wrought iron, or the same objects were at one time made of wrought iron. The only true wrought iron made today is manufactured in very limited quantities for historical preservation projects and is made by recycling scrap.

“Wrought” is an old term meaning “worked”. Wrought iron was iron that was “worked” or shaped by hand. Wrought iron was and still is used heavily for a home or building’s exterior touches. Iron entry doors provide beauty, security and a look of substance and strength. Stairs, railings and fences of wrought iron add curb appeal and dramatic beauty to any yard. Wrought iron is very practical for these exterior uses. It is made to last a lifetime with the proper care and it is suitable for any type of climate. It is a sound property investment that adds value to a home.

Wrought iron allows for a great deal of customization by the homeowner. It is possible to choose not only the color and finish of your exterior door and window pieces but also the shapes and designs used. Today’s pieces are constructed of 14 gauge steel, which is very strong and lasts a long time. Finishes available range from light to dark bronze or pewter, flat black or paint in your choice of color. In addition to exterior uses, wrought iron is an antique form of furniture design that has never really gone completely out of style.

Whether you have patio tables and chairs or grace your bedroom with an iron bed, wrought iron furniture definitely has a place in the modern home. Accessories and structural pieces such as trellises, interior french doors and iron entry doors also add much to your home’s appeal.  Kitchens are charming with wrought iron wine racks and pot holders. Bathrooms easily use iron towel racks and tissue holders. Wrought iron mirrors can be used in many rooms. Many utilitarian objects made of wrought iron can become an important part of your overall home decor. Enjoy the looks wrought iron has to offer in home design.


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